Today, Amazing Grace, and Taking the Stairs

A few reflections on the week, the movie "Amazing Grace," and our use of time.  (Three minutes and forty seconds)

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4 thoughts on “Today, Amazing Grace, and Taking the Stairs

  1. Jim,
    I like the audio blog.  More than that, your words confirmed something that I’ve been stewing over this early morning.  All of us are stewards over time.  We’re responsible.  As a son of God, a husband, a father, a friend, a minister, how do I work that out?  There are those who would love their minister to be on-call 24 hours each day.  I don’t think I’d be a wise steward if I allowed my time to be at the unedited disposal of everyone else.  So, sometimes my cell phone is off and my answering is on in the house.  I am not on, as you put it, an elevator ride.  I cannot serve my King by allowing everyone else to push the buttons. 
    I needed that and believe the Spirit intended me to hear you this morning.

  2. Thank you Ben.  This is something I have to really keep in mind or time just gets away.  It occurred to me some years ago that my "yes" to people, to various meetings, to my involvement on this or that project means a "no" to something else.  Far too often I have allowed others to "push the buttons on the elevator" of my time and then felt angry and resentful at implications of this button pushing.The truth was that I had not been intentional about my time. 

  3. Jim, I really enjoy your blog and just listened to your audio on "Amazing Grace" as my wife and saw it this past weekend.  Wm Wilberforce was actually born in 1759 and died in 1833.  His father, Robert, was 1728-1768.  Keep up the good work.