Ministry as a Place of Joy and Pain (Part 2)

Bay_Bridge_Sunrise.jpgI believe that ministry is a place of joy and pain.  Some of the greatest joys a person can experience come through ministry.  (You might first read part 1.)  

I suppose that on one level a person could talk about enjoying certain aspects of ministry.  A person might feel called by God to serve in a particular way and might find great satisfaction in serving in that capacity or role.  Certainly when you are doing what you think you are gifted by God to do, that can be very, very satisfying and even enjoyable.

There are many other joys that can be experienced when you are being used by God in His ministry.  Here are a few that I have experienced:

  • The joy of seeing a person come to Jesus.  Seeing that person eager to know the one who is revealed in the Bible.
  • The joy of seeing a person have an "aha" moment as she comes to understand the love and grace of God.
  • The joy of witnessing a person’s baptism.
  • The joy of helping a person really begin to live each day with the conscious decision to follow Jesus.
  • The joy of being used by God to help a family reconcile.
  • The joy of being used by God to serve at special moments of life (a funeral, a wedding, etc.).
  • The joy of knowing that I am a part of GOD’s ministry (which is much more incredible to ponder than simply thinking about my ministry).
  • The joy of talking to another about God and then seeing that person not only impressed with Him but even beginning to treasure Him more than the other things that he previously treasured.
  • The joy of seeing God use me in ministering to my own children.
  • The joy of experiencing a day when I am certain God is at work through me and through others to help move someone toward God’s purposes.
  • The joy of knowing that I am doing what I was created to do.
  • The joy of witnessing a person change in ways that can only be attributed to God.
  • The joy of being a part of something that is greater than myself.  Knowing that this is not simply my work and ministry but that I am a part of HIS work and ministry.

What other joys come to your mind?

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2 thoughts on “Ministry as a Place of Joy and Pain (Part 2)

  1. The joy of knowing that One greater than me, is working things out for my good
    The joy of seeing one you helped bring to Jesus, spread the joy to their friends
    The joy of seeing your children grow up to be responsible godlyparents.
    The joys are endless. You are so right! The pain is there to be sure, but the joy and the hope make the pain well worth it.