Lynn Anderson on Sexual Temptation

Each Monday, I am including a clip of an interview with Lynn Anderson on this blog.  In this particular interview, Lynn discusses some issues that are especially pertinent to any church leader (or anyone else).  This particular clip deals with sexual temptation and ministry.  Past videos have discussed "shepherding" and "loneliness."

Lynn Anderson has mentored, coached, and encouraged many church leaders.  I encourage you to visit his website, "" if you have not already done so.  Check out his materials for training "shepherds."  I used this material in our church and found it to be very helpful. 

I would enjoy hearing your reflections on the video conversation and Lynn’s remarks.  What needs to be said in addition to what Lynn has already said?

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8 thoughts on “Lynn Anderson on Sexual Temptation

  1. I love this series of interviews. As usual, Lynn’s comments are insightful. I also believe that many of the ministers I know who struggle with sexual temptation simply use sex medicinally–that is to medicate pain they feel over stress, lack of intimacy, or other issues going on in their lives. These are the Ted Haggard kinds of situations, where a leader gets involved with someone they may not even know. It’s really sad. Thanks for being willing to discuss such a delicate topic.

  2. What a great addition to your blog Jim! Lynn is insightful and truthful. I think that is why it’s important for ministers to be honest with their boundaries and limitations and put in ‘safeties’ of their own.  For example, one of the pastors I know will not close his door completely when meeting with anyone.  I completely respect him for that.  

  3. would enjoy hearing your reflections on the
    video conversation and Lynn’s remarks.  What needs to be said in
    addition to what Lynn has already said?

  4. Tim,Thanks very much.  I thought that Lynn did so well in these interviews.   I think you are right about some ministers who use sex medicinally to medicate pain.  (It would be interesting to talk about the many other ways ministers attempt to deal with or avoid their pain.)  You name name two big issues: stress and lack of intimacy.  How true!  I appreciate your comment and kind words, Tim.

  5. Monica–Good to hear from you!  Thanks for the affirming words regarding the video with Lynn Anderson.  You are so right–he is insightful and truthful.You make a very important and insightful statement yourself.  It is important that ministers be honest about boundaries and limitations.  Unfortunately, I think that sometimes this honesty is just not present.  Instead, some people toy with temptation which is always dangerous.  Self-imposed boundaries and limitations are so important.Thanks Monica.

  6. Lynn just said a lot that made sense to me. I think one of the things that he should also mention is that in doing ministry, the minister has put a bold red X on his chest. Satan constantly has minister’s in his sights because of their hearts to change the world, and because our culture thinks of the minister of the church much as the lead singer of the rock band. Although I’m not sure if this is completely biblical, I think the minister is the image of the church to the culture. So being aware that temptation is not going to let up.