As the Year 2016 Comes to a Close

(This is why I am grateful)



Today, I am grateful.

I am grateful for my wife Charlotte, my daughter Christine, my daughter Jamie and our son-in-law, Cal.  Charlotte is one of the hardest working school teachers I know.  I am so proud of Christine, Jamie, and Cal.  They communicate to me regularly just how important I am to them.

I am grateful for three wonderful grandsons.  Brody.  Lincoln.  Sully.  These are three little boys who make me smile and laugh regardless of what might have gone on that day in the world.  We play blanket man, boy in a box, basketball, and other games which are created in an instant!

I am grateful for the great people who I work with at Harding School of Theology such as Dr. Allen Black (Dean), Jeannie Alexander (Administrative Assistant) and an outstanding faculty and staff.  I could go on and on about our students.  What a wonderful place to be!

I am grateful for wonderful churches where I’ve preached and taught this year.  Highland Church of Christ (Memphis) where I teach Bible classes regularly.  Millington Church of Christ (Millington, Tn.) where I preach once a month, as well as churches in a number states.  I am also blessed by the weekends I have spent with groups of elders/ministers in various congregations.

I am grateful for the opportunities to encourage and the opportunities to be encouraged.  I think of unexpected but encouraging calls, texts, e-mails, notes that I have received.  I am also grateful that the Lord has used me to send texts, e-mails, and notes to those who really needed to hear a kind and encouraging word.

I am grateful for good people from whom I regularly learn.  I am thankful and proud of those guys who were in the mentoring groups I led while in Waco.  The good people at Crestview Church of Christ (Waco, Tx.) continue to bless me.  I am blessed by friends who live all over the United States and beyond.  I continue to learn from friends who serve in various churches and in other Christian colleges from whom I learn.

I am grateful for authors, podcasts, and various speakers from whom I learn and receive encouragement.  I find that when I read significant books and articles, I have so much more to offer.  I listen to podcasts and audio books regularly.  There are certain authors whose writings are important to me whether I agree with them or not.  They help me think!

Finally, I am grateful for church leaders across the country who I have the privilege of calling “friends.”  Some of these people might be well known in some circles.  However, so many of these people are unknown to others.  Some work in relative isolation.  Yet, they and their work are known and valued by God.

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