You’re Outta Here!

Last night, Charlotte and I went to see Baylor play Texas (baseball).  The night was perfect for a game.  And–we had great seats.  We sat down and began to enjoy.  Can it get any better?  A hot dog with mustard while seeing two good teams play.

I normally tune out the conversations that are going on around me when I am at a game.  However, at one point, Charlotte leaned over and said, "Are you listening to those two guys behind us?"  "Uhhh, not really."  Then I began to listen.  They were obviously two ministers who had come together for a night of baseball but who were evaluating preachers.  "I heard him preach but he didn’t do much for me."  I thought, "Oh brother…I want to get away from that…." 


The game went on and I tuned them out again. 


At one point in the game, the Baylor coach approached the umpire and began to argue a call.  Then it happened— "You’re outta here!"  The coach was ejected and trotted away to the dugout and into the locker room.


Maybe we need an umpire for all of life!


  • Fussy kids?  You’re outta here! Come back when you can get along!
  • Slow driver on the Interstate?  You’re outta here! Come back when you drive in the right hand lane.
  • Person who tries to control?  You’re outta here! I want my freedom.
  • Critical, fault finding person?  You’re outta here! We’re tired of constantly hearing about people who don’t measure up in your eyes.
  • Person who is late most of the time?  You’re outta here! Please respect my time as I respect yours.
  • Clerk at a store who acts as if she could care less?  You’re outta here!  I buy these items and yet you act as if you could care less.


Most of us are not going to be the umpires of this life.  In fact, we live with the messiness of people.  We try to work with people.  We try to encourage.  At times we try loving confrontation. 

People who are "perfectionists" often stay very disappointed and frustrated with other people.  After all, they try hard to do the right thing.  Why can’t others? 

No I’m not the umpire of life.  But–(as I mentioned in a post not long ago).  I can learn to expect less from people and more from God.  I am learning that people will always disappoint you.  I say that not to be cynical or negative.  That is life.

Meanwhile, many of us need to adjust our expectations.   God is capable and willing to work in ways that are far greater than we expect.

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2 thoughts on “You’re Outta Here!

  1. If only ….

    I officiated high school varsity basketball for almost 20 years (Alabama and Florida) and threw a number of players and coaches out of the game. I’m not sure I’d like to have someone else throw me out!