BasketballLast night, we were with 10,500 people in the Ferrell Center to watch the Baylor women’s basketball team defeat Texas Tech to for the Big 12 Championship title.  This is a first for Baylor.  It was great to see the seconds of the clock tick away, hear the buzzer, and watch the students rush from the stands onto the floor.  What fun!

Some try hard to win but their definition of "winning" is way off.  I’ve talked to so many people who seem to be trying to prove something.  Some men try much of their lives to get a "well done" from their Dads.  Others try to acquire a house or car that will in some way communicate to others that they are successful. 

I think that I have known  a lot of real winners.  For instance:

1.  The young woman who has to work very hard for everything.  Grade don’t come easy.  Sports don’t come easy.  Music lessons don’t come easy.  Yet, she is persistent.

2.  The 80 year old woman who I spoke with the other day who was babysitting the 11 month old daughter of their churches Hispanic minister.  She had just returned home from helping to duplicate the bulletin at her church.

3.  The minister who is not well known or admired in other places.  Yet, he has served faithfully in a small Texas town for many years.

4.  The young teen age boy who is home on a Friday evening because he refused to go to a certain party.  He knew he shouldn’t go.  His friends went on without him.

5.  The young couple who takes the stewardship of their money seriously and have said "no" to seeking affluence as their main goal.

6.  The middle aged couple who recently moved into a lower income neighborhood in Dallas because they believed that by living there they could make a difference.

7.   The high school girl who spoke out in class against abortion because she believed that someone needed to say something.

8.  The elder and his wife in a university town who for many years have opened their home on Sunday evenings to college students.

9.  The two teenage boys from our area who, one year,  went to South Padre during Spring Break week.  They arrived there, saw that the atmosphere with their friends was about drinking and sex.  They returned home the next day.  "We didn’t need to be there."

10. The young mother who spends her days with her small children.  She faithfully loves these little children during the day, sometimes with little visible rewards.

You probably can add to this list.

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