Will You Make the First Move?

start (1)We had been seated in an outdoor area.  The restaurant was very busy.  We were waiting on our pizza.  The people at the next table were inches away.  They spoke no English (apparently).  We certainly spoke no Italian (their language).

Yet, it did not take an understanding of their language to know that they were angry with one another.  They glared at one another.  Occasionally they spoke.  We could not understand what they said but it certainly didn’t seem pleasant.

I wonder how long it took them to work out their problems.  I wonder how long it took them to get beyond this quarrel.

What does it take for men and women to step up to the plate?  Far too many of us are waiting for someone else to make the first move.  We say, “If only she would do this or that, then things would be good.”

What does it mean to make the first move?

1.  You can make the first move by taking action.  Don’t drift into a passive mode. Instead of sitting in the recliner telling your family that nothing is wrong (when it clearly is), take action!  Apologize.  Make amends.  Talk through the situation.  Acknowledge that something is wrong and work through it.

2.  You can make the first move by choosing to initiate!  What are you waiting on?  Could it be that you have spent far too much energy delaying?  Could it be that you just need to start?

3.  You can make the first move by deciding to stop focusing on your disappointing life.  After all, when we focus too much on our disappointments, we can become cynical.  Or we can choose to do something immoral or unethical thinking that we are entitled to be happy by any means.  Make the first move by dealing with your disappoints through focusing on Jesus.

Could it be that others might be blessed if you would just make the first move?

Stop procrastinating.  Start doing what you need to do.

Stop blaming others for your lot in life.  Start focusing on what step you need to take.

Stop being so moody.  Start to consider how your attitude impacts others.

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