Why Should I Bother to Read This?

I think about the people who read this blog.  People like you.  Normal.  Everyday.  Coffee drinking/Diet Coke sipping kind of people who are just trying to deal with life.  Maybe just trying to deal with the day.

From the outside, some of us appear to be people who are whole.  That is, we appear to have it together.  Others of us appear to be struggling.  Still others of us may appear to be a mess.

The truth?  What you see on the outside can be deceiving.  Regardless of the way we may appear on the outside, on the inside, we all are lacking.  We have fears and inadequacies that many of us go to great lengths to mask.  At the core of our being is a great need for God. 

Yet, we often try our best to make it on our own.

So I want you to know that when I post each day (about four to five days a week), I am thinking about people just like you.  In fact, I sometimes picture people just like you, turning on their computer and finding this blog.

You may be single.
You may be a young father or mother.
You may be a widow.
You may be a church leader.
You may not see yourself as very "religious."
You may feel very connected with some special people in your life.
You may feel very alone.

Regardless, we have much in common.

What we have in common, however, may not be what you see on the outside.  What we have in common is what is real and what may be lacking on the inside.

Some days you might read this blog and come away encouraged or helped in some way.  Some days–well, it just didn’t do much for you.  Regardless, I really pray that in some way God would bless and provide just what you need. 

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5 thoughts on “Why Should I Bother to Read This?

  1. This blog is, at times, a life line from frustrations at work to what is really important in life. Sometimes you write about what I have been thinking about and other times you shake and re-awaken my mind to what I should be doing. I wouldn’t miss it for a day.

  2. Jim,
    I usually click on this blog before I leave for work in the morning or at a midmorning break. Like many folks, I vary from being someone who may seem to have it all together to someone who is struggling to someone who is a total mess. Whatever my state of mind may be, your blog reminds me that the focus needs to be on God, not on myself, and I always profit from my visit here. Thanks for the time and effort you put into maintaining this site. I appreciate it very much.

  3. Your words are a blessing to me. Read you daily … try to respond often just so you’ll know that you are being read. It’s encouraging to those of us who blog to know someone is reading them! Maybe that’s an ego thing, but I read some blogs that never get a response and I wonder why the person bothers at all to write it?
    You do hit the chords in our hearts and lives.