Why I Read These Blogs (Part 1)

What do you read and why?

I want to mention a few blogs and tell you why I read them. This list is not a “top ten.” The numbers are not a rank of any kind. Rather, this list is a sampling of some blogs which I enjoy. Perhaps one or more of these will be useful to you.

1. Scot McKnight Scot writes about books, the church, ministry, Scripture, and numerous other interesting topics. Authors and publishers should be grateful for this blog. I have purchased a number of books because of his reviews and recommendations. I suspect that many, many others would echo this.

2. Michael Hyatt. Hyatt’s blog is interesting to me because he addresses leadership, technology, writing and numerous other subjects. I find him to be very helpful in understanding the value of technology such as Twitter.

3. Jeff Berryman. I have recently become acquainted with Jeff’s blog. He is a great storyteller. On several occasions, I have found myself lost in one of his stories.

4. Mike Cope. Mike is a good thinker as well as a good Bible student. I check his blog frequently to see what is on his mind.

5. L. L. Barkat. L. L. is a writer, who has both the heart and skill of a poet. Her words feel both purposeful and unhurried.

6. Skye Jethani. Skye has a heart for ministry and it is reflected in his work. If you have not listened to his presentation from “The Nines,” I would encourage you to do so.

7. John Frye. I first became acquainted with John through his book, Jesus the Radical Pastor. John is a thinker with good insights regarding pastoral ministry.

8. Anne Jackson. I read Anne, in part, because of her honesty. Right now, I am particularly interested in her “Permission to Speak Freely” project.

9. John Stackhouse. I read this blog because Stackhouse makes me think. I may agree with him or disagree with him. His words, however, regularly stimulate my thinking.

10. John Mark HIcks. John Mark is a theologian, a thinker, and person deeply committed to ministry. He helps me think about the theology behind what we do as churches.

(To be continued)

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