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keyboard.jpegSeveral years ago, I began this blog.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I had just discovered the blog world and decided to join.  I soon realized that there are blogs with every imaginable purpose and focus.  There are Christian oriented blogs with every imaginable purpose and focus.   As I began to post, I realized that I was basically doing this for me.   Whether anyone read these posts or not, writing these posts and articulating these thoughts/feelings was helpful to me.

In time I realized that my posts generally fell into one of several broad categories.  First, most of these posts deal with living every day in the presence of God and all that such a life entails.  Most Christ-followers I know are just trying to deal with life.  Being a mom, dad, son or daughter can be such a challenge.  That is not to mention our work, jobs, and/or vocation.  I believe that life is generally a challenge and often very difficult.  Daily, we need to be pointed toward God.

Second, some posts deal with ministry.  Sometimes these posts deal with ministry or servant-hood in a very broad sense.  I believe that all Christians are called to some form of ministry as we follow Christ who came "… not to be served but to serve and to lay down his life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:44-45).  Yet, sometimes I talk about ministry in a more specific sense.  After all, like me there are many who are in some form of "full time ministry," living out specific roles with congregations of people.

Finally, some of these posts are probably an attempt to grapple with my own thinking/feelings given where I am in life at the moment.  I find this very helpful.  Hopefully, being able to look over someone else’s shoulder and hear this kind of exploration is helpful to you as well.  For too long I went through life totally unaware of what was going on within me.  While I don’t want to be completely focused on my feelings/thoughts, little or no self-awareness can be dangerous.  How many times have you been in a conversation with someone when suddenly they exploded in anger or bitterness.  Later on you wondered, "Where did that come from?"  It is important to me to be aware of the state of my mind/heart/emotions.

I continue to be grateful to each one of you who read this blog.  Many of you regularly leave comments.  (If you are new to the blog world, note the word "comments" at the end of this post.  Put your cursor on that word and click.  You can then read the comments that other people have left.  Feel free to leave one of your own at any time.)  More than once I have thought (regarding some of you who have left comments) "I would enjoy having a conversation with this person."  I have learned, grown, and been inspired by many, many comments left on this blog.

I plan to continue posting on this blog about four times a week.   In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you coming to this place.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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43 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, but I have enjoyed your observations and especially your questions and challenges about living out our faith. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

  2. You have hit the nail on the head for me. Our family is going through a pretty rough time right now — it’s as if all four of us have dark clouds hanging over our heads; and each of us is struggling with something a little different. I believe we all have faith that will see us through, but it’s difficult right now "in the fiery furnace."You are right on target about the blogging — I’m pretty sure my blog is one of the least-read on the Internet, but I get a deep sense of satisfaction just from the writing.I think it has also deepened my spiritual thinking right now, as I’m constantly thinking of new things to write about, then I begin to dig deeper, which I probably wouldn’t otherwise. It has heightened my curiousity like nothing else has.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Jim,
    Thanks for sharing your heart with those who read your blog. I find it very encouraging and sometimes challenging. I appreciate your willingness as a minister to allow others to see inside your fears and weaknesses. I also appreciate reading about your strengths and your ability to focus on your need for growth and rest. I am one of the fortunate ones who can share coffee or a meal with you and I am grateful.

  4. I’m one of those that reads, sometimes forwards a link, or shares something you wrote the old fashioned way — on paper, but hasn’t commented.  I took some time off from blogging last year, but found I really missed it, so I’m back at it, for the same reasons you mentioned.  Thanks for writing — I find the reading a pleasure.

  5. Which day are you not going to blog? Save me from stopping by!! I started blogging because a friend said I should blog. I quickly found it to be a way to journal, as I had wanted to do for years and just never did it. Mainly I blog for my children to have something about their daddy when their daddy is no longer around. Morbid? No … just reality. I want them to have glimpses into my everyday life. That others are reading and commenting makes it even better. Your blogs have been thought provoking and challenging. Like Kenneth, this has been a daily stop for me, whether I leave a comment or not. 

  6. I echo the other readers’ thoughts there.  One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is because it is so personal.  It’s a nice change of pace from the facts and figures blogs out there.

  7. Doug–I would enjoy that cup of coffee as well.  Thanks for the opportunity to have an exchange with you through your comments.

  8. Beth–I’m sorry this is a very heavy time for you and your family.  I hope there is something here which gives you some encouragement.

  9. Scot,Thanks!  You have given me so much encouragment in writing this blog.  I am grateful for the numerous readers you have pointed my way through your blog.

  10. Jim- I have been reading your blog almost on a daily basis for 2 years.  You and i share the same season of life- age, calling to the pastorate, recent emptynesters (he is now at the University of Alabama), etc…  The reflections you so wonderfully articulate really hit home with me and God has used them to encourage me to reflect on a deeper level.  I’m sure God uses you in your parish setting, but please know that you have blessed this brother as well.

  11. Jim, I’m still reading your blog, too.  I have always found contact with you to be encouraging and uplifting, as well as challenging in that you make me think in different ways than I might otherwise have done.  In short, you are good for my soul.  Thanks for being available in the blog-world!

  12. Well, I’m only 90 miles down Texas 6 and have been intending to come up to Waco for awhile now.  Coffee?  Dutch?  I know I’d enjoy the time with you.

  13. Bill,Thanks so much for what you said and for reading this blog.  Glad to know we have so much in common at this point in life.  I’m glad to know you’ve been reading this blog for two years.  Hope you will keep coming back. 

  14. Connie,Glad you are still reading this blog.  Thanks for the kind words.  I am blessed many, many times through this blog.  Sometimes I feel blessed by being able to write certain posts.  At other times, I am blessed by the wonderful comments of people such as yourself who are reading this.Thanks. 

  15. Jim, I always appreciate your posts. They’re helpful for us in our walk in God and mission in this world. And I identify with what you’re saying about blogging. And it’s nice to find young bloggers having the opportunity to do this at such a younger age than us!  🙂

  16. Jim – Thanks for sharing.  I too started and continue to blog for the same reasons.  I’m glad I found yours.  This blogging thing does make the world seem pretty small doesn’t it?  I have never met you, yet I feel like I am getting to know you, and have already come to appreciate your insights into your grappling’s with life and faith.  May God bless you and continue to use your transparent heart!

  17. Jim, thanks for putting into words some of my own reasons for blogging.  I used to blog before blogs.  I have hundreds of Word files that were sort of like posts to myself.  Every once in a while they became parts of sermons or an article for the church bulletin.  But mostly they were for me.  Now, because of the Internet, I can easily bless or irritate or teach, etc. other people too.
    However, I have to say that what I don’t like about blogs is how "non-incarnational" they are.  In Romans 1:11, Paul says that he wants to see the Roman Christians so that he may impart to them some spiritual gift that will make them strong.  Even "the great Letter to the Romans" pales in comparison to the presence of the writer.  I sometimes wonder how different our words sound to people who know us as opposed to people who don’t.

  18. Thanks Ted—I really had not thought of what you said.  There are many, many people who began this in their twenties while some of us began when we were just a little older than that. 🙂

  19. Mike,It does make the world seem smaller.  we really do live in an amazing time.  Thanks for reading this blog and for your comments at different times. Thanks for the kind words regarding the blog.   I am really blessed by the interaction with people like yourself.

  20. Frank,I like what you said, "I used to blog before blogs."  That is exactly what you were doing. :)I also like what you said about the downside.  While blogging is a wonderful medium, it is no substitute for physcially being in the presence of another.  You have an interesting thought.  How do our words sound in these blog to people who know us compared to those who don’t.  Good question.   

  21. I don’t always get to stop by, but I really enjoy it when I do.  Thanks for doing your blog.  Greg England introduced me to blogging.  I don’t keep up like I used to, but it is a way to express thoughts that I like very much.  God bless you with many more great blogs brother.

  22. Florence AL, huh?  I’m just down good ‘ol hwy 72 in Madison.  I’m enjoying your site each morning.  I don’t blog, but I’m certainly glad others like you do.  I’m definitely hooked on the Web – for nearly everything!!  Reading folks’ blogs and the comments has made the Internet alive with people for me.  Rather than reading evidence that someone has been there like archeology, these websites seem to teem with life in the comments of others.  I like it.  Please keep it up.

  23. Mr jim, yours is one of my mentor blogs, its been wonderful reading someone who doesnt care about swimming with or against the tide, you are a breath of fresh air in the unnessasarity narrow focus  god-blogsphereyou blog bec god wants lots of us to be mentored. love prayers schizo 

  24. This blog is good for me bc I get to do the listening while you do the talking which is reversed from when we get together, which I like to say it’s your fault bc you ask such good questions, but I know it’s my fault.  Connie Lard expressed my thoughts exactly.  You are helping us, and we’re glad it’s helping you.

  25. schizo phillip,What an encouraging, affirming comment!  Thanks so much for what you said.  That means a lot to me.  I appreciate your encouragement. 

  26. George,So glad you come to this blog.  Been to and through Madison many, many times.  Thanks for your encouragement.  

  27. Darryl,So glad you come here.  Thanks for your affirming words.  Keep coming back and commenting.  You have something to offer.