“Who me? Afraid?” #2

Feeling Anxious?  Most of us have days (or weeks) when we feel anxious.  It may just be the result of  a number of things coming at you at once.  Maybe you didn’t handle some of these well and you fret over that.  It really doesn’t matter whether you are a university student, an hourly worker, an executive of a company, or a young mother with small children.


Let me tell you what has been helpful to me in dealing with worry and anxiety :


Believe he is present and in the middle of your situation.  I love the story of Jesus walking on the water in John 6:16-21.  Check your Bible.  In the story, he speaks one line.  But–is this line ever important!  He comes to the disciples who are battling a storm, trying to row a boat across a lake.  He says to them, "It is I, do not be afraid" (John 6:20).  Jesus says to them and to us all, "I am present and that makes all the difference in the world.  You don’t have to live in constant fear and anxiety."


Jesus’ care is expressed in his presence.  Jesus can be trusted in times of great trouble.  He can be trusted, not because he alleviates our problems or because he makes everything that troubles us go away.  He can be trusted because he remains present with us in the midst of trouble.

Jesus is present in the anxious moments.  Being a Christian is not a guarantee that life will be peaceful.  It is a guarante that Jesus will stay with us in the boat through whatever storm will come. 


Jesus’ presence means that no problem can ultimately defeat you.  He is present with me in all of life’s ups and downs.  My own human tendency at times begins to demand that Jesus solve my problems now and give me relief from turmoil now.  Yet, more important than relief and more significant than solution is his presence in our lives.  Like God, who refused to abandon Jesus on the cross, Jesus never abandons us.


Realize that God treasures you and is worthy of your trust.  You can rest in
the security of knowing God cherishes you.  Go ahead and tell me you are not perfect.  Tell me you make a lot of mistakes.  Tell me you are weak at times and say or do all the wrong things.  I will tell you that God absolutely cherishes you.  His love for you does not come about because you finally got it together.  His love for you comes out of his very character.


(I’m sorry to go on and on about this.  So many people struggle with this one.  Many of us know this intellectually but we have trouble believing it at the core of our being.  Perhaps that is not true for you.  It is true for many people, including myself at various times in my life).   


Face your fear head on – one step at a time.  Instead of approaching your
fear with “I don’t want to go there,” think about it.  Think about it in detail.  What is the worst thing that could happen?  Would God see me through this situation even at its worst?


Develop a habit of praise and thanksgiving. Make note of your blessings.  Stop talking about how "lucky" you are and start talking about how blessed by God you are.  Make not of the blessings that came your way during the day.  Receive these moments as a gift from God.  Did someone smile at you?  Did someone thank you?  Did someone express kindness toward you?  Consider how God has been with you every step of the way.

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7 thoughts on ““Who me? Afraid?” #2

  1. So true and powerful. Wish I would have really heard and laid hold, in faith, of these simple truths years ago. I have been beset, too much, by anxiety, and troubled. God has been bringing me out, though, like you say, I certainly still have my moments, and even some down drag days.


  2. People have often called me “strong” or “brave” and I’m not really sure it’s a compliment because maybe it means I’m giving the impression that I’m doing things by myself, that somehow I am braving this world alone. Thanks for the reminder that I can not do this alone and that only my God can give me strength.

  3. Emily,
    You may be right. I suppose a person could leave the impression that such strength or bravery is done by yourself. However, I think many peopple look at any kind of strenght, peace, courage, contentment and just assume it is coming from an extraordinary person.

    Perhaps that is because they can’t imagine that God would provide such gifts for them to experience.

    Thanks again, Emily, for your comment…