Who Do You Like to be Around?

I love to be around certain kinds of people:

1.  …people who desire to encourage others.  They have a way of making every one around them feel good.
2.  …people who generally look for the good in others.
3.  …people who seem to go out of their way to not embarrass others.
4.  …people who seem to take the high road (the way of Jesus).
5.  …people who are secure and don’t always have to be noticed.
6.  …people who are just as courteous to the weak and unlovely as the are to others.
7.  …people who are safe.  They wouldn’t think of deliberately hurting another person.
8.  …people who are real–even when no one is looking.
9.  …people who notice those who others generally ignore.
10….people who seem grateful for what others often take for granted.

There is something about these kind of people that I enjoy being around.

On the other hand, there are some people who I do not enjoy being around.

1.  …people who only seem comfortable when the attention is focused on themselves.
2.  …people who are too insecure to give others credit.
3.  …people who constantly talk about their "toys".
4.  …people who put other down and then in laughter say, "I was only kidding."
5.  …people who rain on another’s joy.
6.  …people who run others down and then act so chummy with them when they are present.
7.   …people who are so "prickly" and moody that one must be extremely careful not so say the wrong thing around them.
8.  …people who lie.
9.  …people who find a way to be critical about most anything.
10….people who bully others in order to get their way.

Jesus must have been such an enjoyable person to be with.  He had a way of making people around him feel comfortable.   No one was ever repelled by Jesus because of his attitude or rudeness.  If they were put off by Jesus if was because they rejected his teaching.  I have a feeling that if you were to grow up with Jesus (when he was a boy), he would be just the kind of guy who you would want for a friend.

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