When Sunday Evenings are Hard

For many ministers, Sunday evenings are hard.

You finally go home after an exhausting day. If you are not careful, your mind and emotions can take you places that are not good.

You wonder, am I really making a difference? What’s the use?

You think about those biting words of criticism. At the time, the words and tone stung. Now, hours later you find yourself rehearsing these words over and over in your mind.

You may be focused on a sermon that just didn’t go well. You butchered a name. You mangled a sentence. You forgot to tell an important story.

Tonight, it seems that everyone else in the congregation has gone about their business. Getting ready for work tomorrow. Leaving for vacation later this week. For many, it is business as usual. Life just goes on.

For you Sunday evenings may be a time when you question your purpose, your self-worth, and the effectiveness of your ministry.

Yet, the following may be helpful to many of us.

1. Know that your life really matters. Your work matters. It doesn’t matter what you are doing and how you are serving, God will work through you.

2. Know that you really have no idea just how much good you are going. This is true for all of us. When you allow God to use you, know that this work goes way beyond what any of us might be able to see.

3. Know that the evil one would love to create self-doubt, discouragement, and ultimately defeat.

Trust God with your life, whatever you do. You matter. Your work matters. God is alive.

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