When Men Remain Little Boys

Far too many men are actually boys who have never grown up. The following are characteristics of men who seem to display an immaturity that ultimately impacts those around them.

1. A man who is a bully (toward women or men) is still an immature boy. 
2. A man who perpetually lies to his girlfriend or wife is still a boy. The words of real men mean something.
3. A man who is rude, crude, and doesn’t show a bit of courtesy toward others is still a boy.
4. A man who is more concerned about his appearance and image than reality hasn’t grown up. He is still a boy.
5. A man who knows nothing about promise keeping, honoring a commitment, or loyalty to another, is still a boy.
6. A man who thinks it is funny when another is embarrassed, humiliated, or shamed is no man — just a boy who needs to grow up.
7. A man who belittles women, other men, those of other races and others unlike himself, is no real man. He is a boy who needs to grow up.
8. A man who manipulates and schemes in order to get his way is not displaying maturity. Such a man is small, self-centered, and often promises far more than he can deliver. He is someone who needs to grow up.
9. A man who thinks he is the smartest person in the room usually is not. Such a man may think he is one of the few who really “gets it.” He probably needs to grow up.

Far too many women settle for such men. Some men become someone’s project. “He really has a good heart. He’s going to change. He told me so.” Yet, never put your life in the hands of someone’s potential. Instead, pay close attention to their history. Potential may be what is in front of them. Their history, however, will tell you much about their decision making, their character, and the way they treat others.

The good news is that many, many men are passionately pursuing integrity, authenticity, and character. These are men who treat others right — even when no one else seems to be looking.

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