When Life is Hard

DepressionFor a number of weeks, I have been speaking from the life of Joseph on Sunday mornings at our church.  The series is entitled, "When Life is Hard."  I have been blessed by another look at Joseph.  More accurately, I have blessed by looking at the faithfulness of God in Genesis 37-50.

Life can be very hard.  All of us are there at one time or another.  I recall going through a very difficult time when we lived in Kansas City.   Church life was difficult–extremely difficult.  And–I was not handling it well at all.  I was sinking lower and lower.  The conflict in the church was really getting to me.  Everything just seemed pretty bleak.   It was an awful time of life.

One friend in another state said that he was listening to a tape that he had ordered–a Sunday morning message.  He called me and asked, "What’s wrong with you?  I can’t believe how unsure and hesitant you sound."  Yuk.

Anyway, one evening Charlotte and I went to see a wonderful physician and friend who also went to our church.  We met in her office after she finished seeing patients for the day.  She suggested that I might be depressed and prescribed a mild anti-depressant.

A week later I saw a counselor.  I saw him twice.  That really didn’t work so I began looking for another one.  The Lord provided me with a wonderful Christian counselor.  He struck me as not only a genuine Christian but a very emotionally healthy human being as well.  I saw him for about six months.  It was wonderful.  I was candid–very candid.  I really enjoyed meeting with him.  He helped me to see that life was so much larger than one church or one church’s conflict.  He helped me realize that I wasn’t trapped.

That has been about 14 years ago.  Looking back, I can see how the Lord was very much at work through such a difficult time.  Other people have similar stories of depression, ill health, betrayal, etc. 

Life can be very hard but God is faithful.

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