When Blue Bell Isn’t Enough…


Go to most any grocery store in Texas. What brand of ice cream is typically featured? Blue Bell. What flavors! Homemade Vanilla. Key Lime Pie (had some the other day and it was great!). So many other great flavors. Nothing is better during the scorching summer months than to eat a burger just off the grill and then to polish off the meal with Blue Bell.

Blue Bell provides some relief from the heat. However, most of us need something a little more refreshing and lasting if our parched souls are going to experience some relief. In just the last week, I have talked with people who feel…

Disappointed–the job just didn’t work out. You really thought that this was the right job.

Embarrassed–just can’t believe the way mom or dad is living. Just can’t believe the decisions that my child has made.

Anxious–the result of realizing that you are completely over your head in dealing with a particular problem. Dealing with people you love who are making self-destructive choices and seeing them experience the consequences.

Sad–when a person continues to experience loss. Death. Divorce. Unemployment. Loss of good health.

Alone–not sure what to do with your marriage, your child, your dad. Haven’t told anyone about the situation that you are dealing with and now you feel very burdened with this problem.

For many people, life is very, very tough. And–many people for a variety of reasons are dealing with some very difficult problems by themselves.

Not long ago, I woke up very, very early one morning and was overcome with such a feeling of sadness. At the moment I don’t remember what exactly triggered that sense. I would suspect that it was rooted in some kind of disappointment. I do know that as I sat at our kitchen table during those wee early hours, the sentence that came out of my mouth was, “Well, what’s the use.”

I know that so many people experience the same kind of feeling. The situations are different. The people involved are different. The timing is different. But having to deal with tough time? Now that is something that we all experience–sooner or later.

Do you know what gives me a lot of comfort when I feel this kind of frustration? The good news that God has given his forever presence in the person of the Holy Spirit. I have really found genuine refreshment in experiencing God’s presence through his Spirit. It’s not about being positive. It’s not about just accepting life. It’s not about withdrawing and harboring resentment. Life in Christ is about experiencing God’s forever presence. No wonder Jesus encouraged his closest followers at the end by reminding them that “I will be with you always” (Mt. 28:19-20).

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