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1. Twitter Updates. These are “tweets” that I have sent recently. So maybe you don’t Twitter. Nevertheless, some of the links here may interest you. Remember that tweets are often sent with the address being “shortened” (which is why the addresses on some of these tweets might look strange).

2. Social Networks. Notice the words “my del.icio.us.” Many of you probably use this but perhaps others of you are unfamiliar with this tool. Do you know that “my del.icio.us” is like a large file cabinet? Whenever I come across an interesting article, story, etc., I will file it away in “my del.icio.us.” I use this almost daily. You might enjoy looking through this. You may wonder why I have noted some of the things I did. I’m not always sure. Anyway, topics include: coffee, leadership, writing, health, systems, etc. I will caution you that “my del.icio.us” needs to be cleaned up a bit. Nevertheless, you might find some of this interesting.

Also check out “God-Hungry Live.” I am constantly adding new videos from You Tube. This week I added numerous N. T. Wright videos in which he is lecturing on the book of Acts.

3. Inside My Library. “What I’m Reading.” I have just updated this. “Feel Free To Browse” is the list of books in my office library. The list is current as each time I receive a book it is added to this list.

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