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This week I am reading more of Darryl Tippens’ book Pilgrim Heart I really like this book.  Tippens speaks practically to what it means to daily live in God’s presence.  The book is loaded with plenty of examples and great quotes.  Consider buying this one.


Both daughters home this month.  Now that is exciting.  One is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and the other is in Oklahoma City.  It has been some time since I have seen either one of them. 


I am grateful.  I work with wonderful people in our church office.  I am also blessed to be a part of a great church family.  Tonight, many in our church will gather for a meal and then Bible classes.  There is not a week that goes by when some of these people do not say something encouraging to me.


North Korea continues to play with its nuclear weapons.  Amish children are murdered in their own school.  Congressman Mark Foley abruptly resigns after it is revealed that he is writing sleazy notes to young boys working as Washington pages.  Yet, hardly a day goes by when Terrell Owens is not the subject of a newspaper article, a talk show topic (on the radio again today), or the subject for conversation on television.  Sports Illustrated did another story on him this week.  This is an interesting world!


Scot McKnight did another very interesting post on his blog today regarding a woman who wrote to him who is struggling with her relationship with God.  Read the letter and his response.


You might enjoy the most recent "Places I’ve Been" which was posted yesterday.  You might enjoy some of these posts.

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