What Would Jesus Say? (Part 2)

puzzle.jpgWhat would Jesus say?  I asked that question the other day regarding the church (see part 1).  What might he say to a congregation of Christians on a Sunday morning?  (I was thinking about the specific congregation of Christians that I am a part of.)  

Now I wonder, what might Jesus say to the leadership of that church?  What might he say to those in our congregation who have leadership roles?  (You might think about your own church here.)

Suppose he were to meet with our key leaders.  Perhaps he is going to sit in on a regularly scheduled meeting.  He has requested that we go on with our agenda for the meeting.

  • What might he think about the subject matter of this meeting?  What might he think about the overall discussion that took place in that meeting?
  • Would he hear anything about the mission or the kingdom? 
  • Would he see leaders who are broken hearted about the conditions of people, families, children in their city? 
  • As these leaders talk, what do you suppose might thrill Jesus?  What might sadden him?
  • What might Jesus say to this group?  Would we feel encouraged, saddened, or embarrassed?
  • What would he think about the way we talk about the community and the church?  What would he think about the way we talk to one another within the group?  Would he sense the love that we have for one another? 

As I think about these questions, I am trying to not distance myself from this group.  Rather, I picture myself being there and experiencing this, together with the others.

What might Jesus say?

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4 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Say? (Part 2)

  1. Makes you   sit back and really reflect on just what Jesus would say. Hopefully He would see   us imitating Him  in many ways and  be able to  offer encouragement to keep on, as well as exhortation on where  we need to  change grow and  mature more fully. 

  2. These are difficult things I think many folks struggle with. It should not be hard, but it seems to be. I think it would be a very Good Thing to ask WWJD (or your WWJS) in a leadership meeting at my church, but I fear it would sometimes raise eyebrows. I’m not sure why that is, and I am not particularly proud of the fact, and yet there is it. Anyway, there is a lot of good stuff here, and mostly I just wanted to check in and say hello from New York. I have been a faithful reader, but I have not taken the time to encourage you with any comments lately. Thanks Jim, and shalom.

  3. Dave,Good to hear from you again.  Glad to know that you are still reading this blog.I appreciate your comment.  I suspect that many of us in church leadership might be startled by what Jesus might say to us.