What Will You Be Like in the Next 10 Years?

I want to become better. B-Autonorte.png

As I think about the next 10 years of my life, I want to look back at the end of it and be able to say that in some way I am better.

Now I’m not sure that a restaurant I have in mind right now will be able to say that. Maybe, but I’m not sure. I’ve been there numerous times. They do a number of things well. Their service is quick and friendly. The seating in the restaurant is arranged so that it is very conducive to conversation. The one problem with this place? The food is just — OK. That is about the best I can say. It’s not bad. It’s not great. It’s OK.

Occasionally, somebody will ask to meet me for lunch at this place. I have my expectations trained. The food will probably be “OK.”

Now I don’t want to be like this restaurant. I don’t want to spend the next 10 years of my life as if I were on a stationary bike. I don’t want to spend a lot of energy but still be in the same place.

I really do want to become better.

I want to be a better man by continuing to mature, develop, and grow.

I want to be better at being fully present and aware of the creation that is all around me.

I want to be better at building up and encouraging the people I am with.

I want to be better at loving God and loving people with a generous spirit.

I want to be better at taking action in a timely way instead of waiting and procrastinating.

I want to be better at loving my wife in ways that connect with her instead of missing key opportunities.

I want to be better at being a channel through whom God blesses the people I am with.

I want to be a better student of Jesus. I would like to know his life and teachings better and more faithfully be a Jesus-follower.


How about you? What kind of person would you like to be in 10 years?


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6 thoughts on “What Will You Be Like in the Next 10 Years?

  1. I recently found your blog. It was the name “Godhungry” that first got my attention. A great challenge to the “self-satisfied”.

    Let me start by saying that my prayer to God now includes the request “help me be a better man”. That is simply because when I look back upon my teenage years in a conservative, legalistic world I see that I was a failure at love and compassion. Often, I look back thinking, “If only I had known Christ rather than the ‘right’ Bible verses”.

    Indeed, I started changing and progressing in my twenties. But it was a painful rebirth. Somtimes it is still painful. But to borrow the words of Abraham Joshua Heshel, “Its not supposed to be easy”.

    So, in ten years I pray that I can look back and see many rebirths through which God has brought me to the place where God and God’s children are ALWAYS in the same thought.

    • John, I’m glad you found this blog and left a comment. I really like what you said. In fact, I would like the same for my own life. Great to have you here.

  2. I prayer that in ten years the world will be at Peace.
    Dear God, thank you for all creation. In the spirit of jesus and all teachers of peace who inspire the many faith traditions, help me, and all the people of the world learn how to replace hate, war, oppression, and division with love, forgiveness, freedom, and reconciliation. Help me to embody your love in my relationships with my family and friends, strangers-even my enemies. I commit myself to this sacred task throughout my life. SO LET IT BE