What Will Happen This Morning?

It is Sunday morning.  Early.  I’ve been up since 5:00 AM.  In many ways, the morning has already been typical for a Sunday.  At the kitchen table, I read through my notes for the message this morning.  Two cups of coffee later, I feel good about what I intend to say–though always, just a little uneasy. Most early Sunday mornings are like this, a time of review, prayer, thinking, and making some last minute adjustments.


I feel good about all of this–sort of.  Sort of?  Yes.  There is only so much that a human being can do in an assembly.  Oh I know.  I want to be prepared, have something worthwhile to say, etc.  Yet, I also know that something must take place much larger than anything I am able to put together. 


Who will be in this assembly?  I can’t give you a list, but I can tell you what might be typical:


  • Someone who is struggling with depression.  His wife has been urging him to get help.  He won’t do it–yet.
  • A married person who is preoccupied with someone of the opposite sex other than his wife or husband.
  • A person who feels an aching sense of loneliness.  Married or single, loneliness has no preference.
  • Someone who is preoccupied with his career, success at work, and what he will be dealing with Monday morning.
  • A college student, away from home, who feels stressed over the amount of work she has due the next week.


That is just a start.  I give many more examples.  For something to happen in such an assembly that will really make a difference, it will take an act of God.  That is exactly what I am praying for.


I still enjoy doing this.  It’s not the public thing.  It’s not about the attention that comes with this.  No, I honestly enjoy this because I believe it matters.  I believe God is at work in these assemblies.


On Sunday mornings, I am like any other believer.  I bring my hopes, my sins, my insecurities, and the things that way on me before the Lord.  I do this not in the privacy of my home (there is a place for that).  Rather, I come to our assembly needing to be with other believers who are doing the same thing. 


All of this still matters.

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4 thoughts on “What Will Happen This Morning?

  1. ahhhh a college student that feels stressed…ya right. we dont get stressed one bit. we are always care free! ok that was only a joke. good blog!

  2. Jim;
    Thanks for reminding me of my feelings toward what we as ministers do every week. Sometimes we get caught up in all the “busy work” and forget that all this really does matter. Thanks again, Jim, and thanks for being you.