What Makes a Good Day?

1coffeecupWhat makes a good day?  I don’t always know. I do think I have learned that it is more than having everything go my way.  More than anything, I believe a good day is about recognizing the grace of God in the ordinary moments of life.

  • Getting up early, enjoying a cup of coffee, and reading several Psalms.
  • Sitting in my favorite Starbucks with another cup of coffee, writing in my journal and reading a new book by Rodney Clapp.
  • Working on a sermon on "forgiveness" and being flooded with awareness and conviction about the importance of a forgiven people having a lifestyle of forgiveness.
  • Meeting with a group of area church leaders from a variety of churches, as well as community agencies, to talk about people-needs in the Waco area.
  • Hearing a friend remind the group that it is more difficult for most of us to receive than give.  It is so important that we help put others in the position of giving–especially the disadvantaged.  Most of us would rather just do the giving ourselves.
  • Reading through a portion of Ken Sande’s book "Peacemaker".
  • Visiting over the telephone with my brother-in-law, an attorney in Alabama.
  • Corresponding via e-mail with several long time friends and a couple of new friends
  • Having a very sweet conversation with one of my daughters this evening.
  • Reading the encouraging words in an e-mail from one of our older shut-ins.
  • Working out at the YMCA.

In some respects, I suppose there is nothing particularly unusual about today.  What may be a little different is that I have attempted to be aware of a number of the enjoyable moments. 

In the past, I have spent far too much time and energy anxiously awaiting the next moment.  I could not really enjoy the day because I would be thinking about the evening or the next day or the next year.  I experienced very little contentment in my life.  I was always thinking about bigger and better.  I could not enjoy the church because I would be thinking about where I could be if I didn’t live in this particular location.  Such an attitude basically says to God, "I am not content with the gifts that you have given me.  These gifts are not enough."

I want to learn to savor more of life.  This moment-this hour-this day are happening now and then they are gone. 

Every sweet, pleasant moment is a gift of grace.   I want to be aware of these moments.

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One thought on “What Makes a Good Day?

  1. I’ve spent the past few days ruminating over the jam-packed weekend that is coming … I really dread it when things pile up like they do. I wonder how many precious moments I’ve missed because my eyes were set on the next few days instead of the here and now? Thanks for the reminder.