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Chimney2One of my favorite writers is Scot McKnight.  I recently enjoyed reading his series of posts on friendship entitled, "One Thing Needful: Friendship."  You can read part 1, part 2, and part 3.


Mike Cope wrote a very fine piece on families, enmeshed and otherwise.  Maybe some good reading for all of us rejoining our families during the Christmas season.


I just read a fine piece in the new Time Magazine (December 26, 2005-print edition) on the friendship between former Presidents Bush and Clinton.  Yes, it spoke of the much publicized fund-raising efforts for the Tsunami relief and Hurricane Katrina relief.  The article spoke of the warm friendship these two men (81 years old and 59 years old) are experiencing.  Both men acknowledged they had been talk to by members of their respective political parties who are agitated and suspicious of the friendship.  I think it is quite refreshing.  (The article is not yet posted on Time.com but I assume it will be eventually.)


You might enjoy Carson’s Reed’s very fine post on in which he cites a very politically correct Christmas greeting.


I will probably post very little during the next week due to the holidays.  Have a Merry Christmas.

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Recently Read

  1. I enjoyed you class last night dealing with healthy families vs. enmeshed families.

    Bryon and I will have discussions from time to time about what kind of people we want to be when we are middle and/or old aged.

    One thing we feel so strongly about is wanting our family members to visit us (or us visit them) out of a sense of joy and anticipation rather than guilt and obligation. Who wants that?