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6 thoughts on “What is Your Most Beloved Childhood Memory?

  1. It was a “summerly” thing…every summer I was privileged to wire houses with dad. He taught my brother and me how to rough in and finish out the electrical side of new construction. It is probably the one thing I still wish I could go back and do more of (simply because of the relationship we built.

    • What a wonderful memory! A memory of working with your dad and the impact on your relationship. This must be such an important memory for you.

  2. Summer of 1980, the hottest on record in Texas. Daddy and I built our barn. It’s still standing, 30 years later. He taught me how to build carefully, doing things right the first time. Most of all, we spent so much time together. It wasn’t forced communication, it was just being together. We talked, laughed, learned and got frustrated together. We roofed it at night bcause of the heat. I’ll never forget being on top of that barn,, listening to a Cowboys preseason game on the radio while working with my Dad.

    • Mark, I remember that summer. I was 7 years old and we lost electricity for about 4 days because of the heat. We ended up staying with family and shared some good family time together. I love how even dramatic times can bring you closer to the ones you love. Something that sticks in my mind about that summer…the haze was so dreadfully thick; it seemed as though everything was burnt orange.

    • Mark, what a great memory! You must think of this memory when you look at that barn, even today. I wish a lot of dads could hear what you and Jon Mark are saying–the importance of just being together. I am struck by what both of you say here. Neither one of your dads were spectators. Rather, they were right there with you, working, talking, and doing. This is so important.

      • It is important…and has impacted my relationship with my boys greatly. Thanks to some frank discussions (and memories about the needs I had from my own father) my boys and I now share the first-fruits of my “after-work” time. Their momma has informed me that they talk all day about the 1 to 2 mile walk we take every afternoon. They love fact that we can just get outside and talk about their day. Even the 2 year old (who rides in a backpack attached to me) tells me all about his day. What a blessing.