What is New?

You might enjoy some of the updated material on my blog, on God-Hungry Live, and on my Facebook page. 

1.  You might wish to check out "What I’m Reading"  (also located on the sidebar to the right).

2.  The feature film at God-Hungry Live is Eugene Peterson at Laity Lodge (filmed earlier this year).

3.  You might enjoy receiving e-mail updates when I update this blog.  You can subscribe here.

4.  I have updated some of the personal information on my Facebook page.  You can find it here

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One thought on “What is New?

  1. Jim,
    Thanks for those links. I’ll check out the Peterson video later and submit to you blog in the morning (at work now). I’m glad to report that our life seems to have settled down now, though I’ve officially given up on ministry. Keep up the good word and I’ll continue o enjoy your blog. I’ll blog sporadically at newgenesis.wordpress.com