What I Love About People in Their 20s

20mph_sign.JPGI have two children and one son-in-law.  All are in their 20s.  I like each one of them a lot!  In some ways, they represent what I love about so many in their 20s.  I know that I am about to generalize, but there are some qualities that I have seen in many who are in their 20s.  Here are a few of them:

1.  I love the way those who are in their 20s are so often ready to think, grow, and learn.  They are willing to ask the hard and difficult questions.  Some of these are questions that some of us who are older used to ask but no longer do.  They ask some questions because they are able to see the Bible and life with fresh eyes. They will ask questions that begin with "Why" or "Why not."  Their questions often cause me to think and sometimes even challenge my thinking.

2.  I love the way those in their 20s often love adventure.  They will travel, attempt extreme sports, and try food they have never eaten before.  They are ready to stay up late or do something at an odd hour because it is all part of the adventure.  Many do not run from the word "risk."  (Yes, I realize that one needs to use good judgment when facing risk.  Unfortunately, however, some of us who have lived a few years longer will do most anything to avoid risk while we seek safety, security, and ease even if it sacrifices a noble and worthy end.)

3.  I love the way those in their 20s often embrace new technology.  I have learned so much about various technology from those in their 20s.  I have found that they typically are willing to learn what is new, untried, and unfamiliar.  Do I ever appreciate this!  Technology changes.  I don’t want to be lost in another era.

4.  I love the way those in their 20s appreciate and value authenticity.  They want genuineness and have little patience for what is superficial in churches.  I feel challenged when I am with some 20-year-olds to make sure I am authentic and genuine in what I say and in the way I live.

5.  I love the way those in their 20s have such an appreciation for ministry to the poor, forgotten, and the neglected.  Again and again I have seen incredible concern from 20-year-olds toward African slave children, the poor in American cities, and the abused.  I have seen a passion for these causes that I certainly did not have in my twenties.  One of my children wanted a pair of Tom’s shoes for Christmas.  Why?  In part, it was because of what is being done with their profits.

Have you noticed some very positive qualities of those in their 20s?  What is it that especially stands out?

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13 thoughts on “What I Love About People in Their 20s

  1. Great thoughts! I hadn’t thought about it, but I’ve been seeing those same things in my daughter (who’s 18 and in college). Some of the same traits I’ve been trying to foster in my own life.

  2. Ditto – and amen. I’d like to add one more to the list, kind of a P.S. to your authenticity point: I love the way so many twenty-somethings are not heavily emcumbered with legalistic baggage from holiness moral codes. They aren’t nearly as interested in a list of do’s and don’ts as they are in the "why" and "how" of transformation.

  3. I suppose my response tags onto Michelle’s response about legalism. The 20-year-olds I know are far more interested in knowing and loving Jesus and far less interested in pledging allegiance to a religious tribe, or church traditions and issues.

  4. I think of energy and passion.  My sons and daughter-in-law are in their twenties.  They each have a zest for life that is quite contagious.  And they articulate their ideas boldly, seemingly without fear of judgment.  It is a delight to spend time with them because I find myself energized just by being around them. 

  5. I love that I have people in their 20s in my life! Many have a sense of confidence that just blows me away because I don’t recall having it at that age! I really appreciate those 20s who also value the insight, wisdom and experiences of the previous generation and don’t dismiss it, keep what is good and build on it. I so agree with your commenter Michelle! When I left home, 40+years ago,  I already wanted nothing more than to shed the legalistic baggage bequeathed to me – and with God’s help I did. I compared them to God’s Word myself and weeded out the man-imposed from the God-designed protective ‘moral codes’. God is so good!

  6. Barry– It is interesting, isn’t it, to see in your children some of the traits you have wanted in your own life.  I can relate!

  7. Michelle,Great point!  I have noticed this as well.  They are more interested in the "how" and "why" of transformation.   Important questions.

  8. Connie,Energy and passion are two characteristics that I have notice in a lot of 20 somethings!  They often bring fresh eyes and an open heart to things I have long forgotten or ignored.

  9. Karin,Your comment (and Connie’s)  about their confidence can be so energizing to the people around them.  How wonderful when they demonstrate a willingness to listen to those who have lived a little longer.  May such wisdom only serve to encourage and bless.

  10. L.L.Now that has to count for something!  To be able to say that you used to be in your 20s ought to be close enough.  🙂

  11. What a great post! As someone in their 20s, I feel like I never hear this from the adults around me, even if they are thinking it. Sometimes I just feel like I am misunderstood or out of step with other adults, and not even an adult because I am "naive and idealistic". Please share this with the 20 somethings around you. I am sure they would love to hear it and to know how they appreciated!