What Good is a Cat?


What good is a cat? Now I’ve wondered that. (I’ve just offended every cat lover) See the picture above? Yes, that is our cat. Charlotte’s cat. I like dogs myself. I’ve had dogs before. When I was growing up, I brought home a dog on several occasions. Never brought home a cat. My memory of cats is not good. Over on Alhambra Street in Dallas, we once had a big mother cat get into our attic. She wouldn’t come out until she had given birth to a litter of kittens. I can remember lying in bed at night hearing them cry, wondering how we would ever get them out of the attic. Would a dog do that? No.

Anyway, this cat of Charlotte’s apparently likes me. Brother! Don’t you hate it when you’ve made up your mind not to like something and somebody has to mess it up? It could have something to do with me protecting it from getting it’s body torn to pieces by the possums that have made their way into our garage. Or maybe it is because I got rid of that ugly raccoon that was eating its food. (I realize that at this point it probably sounds like we live in the woods!)

I think that it may have something to do with early mornings. I am the first family member that this cat sees every morning. I generally go outside to get the newspaper while it is still dark. As I make my way down the sidewalk leading to the porch, the cat suddenly leaps out from behind a post. Both paws are raised in the air like he is springing into action. This cat does this every morning. The first couple of times that he did it, I thought, “Oh brother, what is with this cat?” Then I realized that this was his strange attempt to play (before the sun is up). I began to pet and stroke this cat. I can’t believe that I began doing that.

Now I have to confess. I like this cat. A cat! I’ll probably never have a dog again who is willing to have me for an owner.

Don’t you hate it when you’ve made up your mind that you’re not going to like someone only to then find that they are actually very likable? That really messes things up. Do you ever find yourself making up your mind a little prematurely about people? Could it be that our minds are so closed at times that we fail to see what others have to offer, even if they are a little “different”?

By the way, I still prefer dogs…

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