What Do You Really Like About Your Church?

add_cosmic_orbs.jpgPerhaps you heard about the coyote that last week walked into a downtown Chicago Quizno’s (a sandwich shop) and sat down in front of the drink machine.  Startled customers calmly made their way out of the restaurant.  An hour later, animal control picked up the coyote and took him away.  I suspect that when Quizno’s employees went to work that morning, the last thing they had on their minds was a coyote.  Yet sometimes we end up in places we did not intend to go.

I think churches are like that.  Very often churches begin with a dream or a vision of some kind.  Perhaps the church is a new plant.  Or, perhaps this is an established church that in some way has been revitalized.  The church may be urban or rural.  It may be suburban.  The church may be very formal or highly informal.  Yet, the truth is that very often these churches eventually lose something.  In fact, what was once an alive, vibrant church can become stale and stagnant.

As I think back to the churches that I’ve been a part of, there have always been some positives.  Yes, there are always some negatives.  Sometimes, churches go through seasons where the negatives seem to far outweigh the positives.  However, I do remember at some point, seeing something that was positive. 

I am curious as to what you see in your church that is a real positive.  Is there any one thing that stands out to you?  Is there one aspect of the life of your church that you particularly like and appreciate?  I am really interested in hearing what a number of you might say.  

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15 thoughts on “What Do You Really Like About Your Church?

  1. Jim,
    Thanks for your ever thoughtful blogs.  My experience as a church member and pastor is that churches care for those in need within the body.  This has been true for me and many many others.  Just a few examples:
    Men reroofing the house last November of a man suffering from cancer; people rising up and providing meals and presence to  a family whose child is in the hospital; prayers for those who are sick on our prayer chain; missions trips to places of intense need; people expressing concern to me for someone and vice versa and that being followed up with concrete action–the list goes on.  I’m here because this is the way the church has consistently acted.  I love the church.

  2. It is always ALWAYS pushing me, teaching me to ‘feed myself’ and in that feeding all you want to do is encourage others to the same.
    It is firm in the mission.
    It is filled with broken people who try to not hide their brokenness.
    It is very entertaining and in the entertainment challenging.

  3. One thing I love about our people is their genuineness and humility. Nobody here is seeking glory for him/herself.  We have a lot of young families, and the kids seem to love being here.  Rather than fuss about having to go to church, they fuss when they have to leave.

  4. Pastor Jim:My church is only a few years old.  Yet it has more wisdom that many churchs that have been around for dozens of years.  My pastor faithfully teaches from the Bible – all of the bible and does not shy away from difficult scripture.  I have been so spirtually ‘starved’ for so long it is like I am standing under a ‘scriptural waterfall’.  Also, we are a missional church – focused on supporting our church body AND the city / world around us.

  5. I like it that it is a small country church. Yet they are not stuck in any tradition. They are will to try change if it is good for the church.  Since I have been there it now feels like a family instead of something that people just came to and then left as quick as they could. Relationship are stronger. Love is authenitic. Grace for the first time in many years is being preached and people are being set free from legalism, sin, and really know God is taking place.  I am blessed.  I love the church where God has placed me.

  6. My husband and are I were part of a church plant 15 years ago – we are still relatvely small but authentic, relevant, and ‘real’ – it’s a great community of people.

  7. Preacherman,Thanks for your comment.  In particular, I am grateful at your affirmation of the life of this "small country church." I love the last line of your comment!  What a great statement! 

  8. Our
    mission statement is " Committed to being Christ in our community, His
    hands and feet, and to equipping our members to be Christ in the world they
    live in." and we really mean it, it is not just marketing speak.