What Do My Decisions Say About Me?

Today, I have been thinking about my own pattern of decision making.  That pattern has changed somewhat through the years.  I’ll talk more about that later.  Right now I want to mention a game I’ve been thinking about today.

is a game developed by the Waco Housing Authority and is now being used all over the country.   A few years ago, I was given one of these games.

Conquest is a board game where players roll dice to move from square to square.  The objective is to ultimately get into the winner’s box. Sometimes players land on the green squares which means they have reached a "feat" (choices made that overcome obstacles).  They draw a card that might read, "You planned for a backup babysitter just in case your kids got sick."  They are then told to advance some extra spaces.  A "feat" emphasizes a choice made where one overcomes some obstacle.

One might land on the yellow squares, which are "snags" (situations that slow progress).  Land on a yellow square and you too draw a card. It might read something like, "Your kids cause a scene in the store over the purchase of some candy, and you buy it to quiet them down."  These are choices that only impede progress.  You then might have to go back several extra spaces.  The idea of the game is to get people to think about one’s decision making.   

As a Christian, I am on a journey to mature in Christ.  I have been given the opportunity to experience all that Christ is and to partake of his perfection (his perfect love, his perfect grace, his perfect mercy to people). 

Then comes Monday morning.  Do I make choices ("feats") that move me toward Christ-likeness?   Do I speak of desiring Christ-likeness and yet continue to make choices that are "snags"?  Do I make choices that really only serve to slow my progress toward becoming like him?

Sometimes we make foolish decisions. 

  • Decisions made without prayer.
  • Decisions made because the flesh and its desires seem so strong.
  • Decisions made because we have rationalized our behavior.

These decisions or "snags" can get in the way of any serious pursuit toward maturity in Christ. 

Maybe it would be helpful to examine my pattern of decision making.  Are my decisions typically consistent with my commitment to mature in Christ?  Am I making daily decisions which reflect that I am serious about becoming like Jesus? 

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3 thoughts on “What Do My Decisions Say About Me?

  1. Excellent post, Jim! It is one that I will refer to often, I’m sure. It reminds me of the guy at Baskin Robbins who was having a hard time deciding which flavor of the day would be his choice. He looked at the person standing next to him and said, “I’m not indecisive, am I?”

  2. Excellent thoughts on decision making, Jim!

    I wish I would have heard and taken this to heart in my younger years as a Christian. Surely I would be much farther along in Christ likeness, than I am now (though he is good, and in grace, I do believe I’m growing- in growth pains).

  3. Excellent thoughts. It helps me to always remember that life is a series of choices. My students assume that I think they are bad kids (when they are called to my office). Not bad kids, just bad choices. (I always enjoy reading your blog. Usually don’t take time to comment.)