This morning I moved.  This is the same blog (A Place for the God-Hungry) with a different address www.godhungry.org.


If you are a blogger, you might want to change the link address to this blog (and thanks by the way for linking to this blog).  If you simply bring this up on your browser, you might want to bookmark this new address.


Over the weekend, all of the content from my former blog home was transfered to my new blog home.  Over the next few months, you will notice some changes in the bar to the right.  You may notice as you go through the archives that the pictures which usually appeared on each post are in a different position and may just look different.  Nevertheless, the content is the same.  Some of you made comments on the last post which did not get transferred over.  That is only because the transfer had already been made before the comment was posted.


At the top right hand corner is a great tool for searching in this blog.  Try typing in "marriage" or "ministry" or "depression."  It quickly finds articles in which that word is used.


Right now, I feel awkward using Word Press.  Hopefully, the post will not sound as awkward as I may feel in posting it.


The other blog will remain where it is for a few months.  Then it will fade away.


Thanks for stopping by this blog. 


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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17 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Jim:

    If I can be of any (semi-limited) help with WordPress, send me an email. I would be happy to share whatever I have learned over the past 18 months or so.

  2. I like the new look of your blog, Jim, and I echo what other’s have said…thanks for the hard work, careful thought, and prayer you put into your posts. I am curious to know why you made the switch from Typepad to WordPress.

  3. The layout of the site is great and it looks nice, but now I’ve got to update my bookmark and my RSS feed!

    Maybe I’m missing it, but I cannot find an RSS subscription URL on the main page. Am I just missing it?

    Thanks, Jim, I really enjoy your thoughts.


  4. Scott (Morgan),
    I was very pleased with Typepad. I finally decided to go with Word Press because it seems like it has the potential for me to do some other things with it in the future (due to some of it’s bells and whistles). I drew that conclusion after looking at quite a number of Word Press based blogs.

  5. Thanks to the rest of you: Steve, Allan, Scott Freeman, John, Bill, Greg, who left notes today…Appreciate what all of you said.