Weekend Getaway?


Well, not quite. This Florida beach does look inviting. Doing nothing all day and eating fresh shrimp at night. No, that is pretty far away right now.

This past weekend was great, however.

1. On Sunday, I was a part of a very good assembly. It was one of those mornings when I was able to think much more about God than about what was going on in the assembly (I think that is the point). So often I find that I let my mind think about other things (For instance, thinking about something that I need to add to my message).

2. At noon on Sunday, we had our first meal in the new Crestview Community Center. 475 stayed for the meal. Our friends at Rudy’s Bar-BQ served the meal. (What wonderful sauce!)

3. After the meal on Sunday, the new building was dedicated. This is a project that has been underway in some form almost five years. It is a beautiful building and I am excited about ways that it will be used.

4. Christine was home! Our oldest daugther was home from Harding University in Arkansas. (This is the first time that she has been home since Christmas). What a wonderful weekend we had together!

Not quite the beach in Florida–but a wonderful weekend.

You know, I want to be much more conscious of things that are happening in my life (however small they may seem) that are due a celebration. It is so easy to enjoy God’s gifts and to pay little attention to the giver himself. Yet, every day I am being blessed by the giver. I was thinking a moment ago, “It is Tuesday afternoon. What has already happened in my life since Sunday for which I can celebrate and thank the giver.

I just suspect that if I do this everyday, I will complain less and thank God more.

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