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Earlier this week, I was in Austin.  Hiding away to study, think, and pray.  Much of Sunday afternoon was spent at Austin’s Primo 360 coffee shop.  A great place to study with free wireless Internet.  I read and also tried to sort out some of the clutter.  I use David Allen’s Getting Things Done as a way to keep track of all that is going on (or should be going on) in my life.   I have found this book particularly helpful.


In particular, this week, I am thinking about what I will be preaching and teaching during the next year (August 2006 through June 2007).  I am thankful to have some days of uninterrupted time to do this.  Early yesterday morning, I was at a La Madeleine (great coffee and a good place to land for several hours) in Austin and was reading a chapter in a journal that I had intended to read for several months.   As soon as I finished the article, things began to click and for the next hour, I made detailed notes of what will become a new series this fall.  This article was particularly helpful in giving some shape to some thoughts I’ve had for awhile.



You might enjoy some of these posts.  These are some of the places I’ve been recently:


A serious look at Loneliness in America.  You might enjoy this news report of the study as well.


Jason Retherford had a good post regarding a study released about teen culture and the disconnect with faith.


From Allison Strobel Morrow–These are funny lines which first appeared in high school essays and then submitted by English teachers.


Interesting thoughts on sleep from Ted Gossard.


"Worship that moves God" from urban minister Larry James.  Well said!


A nice summation of the kingdom of God from Mike Cope.

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6 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Jim, thanks for the “heads up” to my blog. Received a number of guests from you. Hope you are well. I enjoy your words.

  2. Thank you for the link to the article on loneliness. As crowded as we are in some urban areas it is surprising how little community we really have.

    Bobby Valentine

  3. Alison,
    As I recall, I was reading a number of blogs one evening and saw yours as a link. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what blog that might have been. Sorry!

  4. Loneliness is very rampant in this day and age. Our technology advancement has placed us there. I am hoping for a slow down in the future. We miss a lot of opportunities to truly know people because of it.