Our oldest daughter Christine got married this past weekend.  The wedding was at our church building and in the Church’s community center.  It was a wonderful, exhausting, weekend.  We were able to pack a year’s worth of activity into a few days.

So now, a few random comments…


  • I will always remember walking her down the isle.  As we began walking, I whispered to her how beautiful she looked and that everything was just right. She looked radiant as she entered to the theme of the "Little Women" movie ("Orchard").  On both sides of the isle, I could see people from our church and from our community who have loved her (or Charlotte and myself) for many years.  At one point, I looked at my youngest daughter, Jamie,  who was the bridesmaid and saw her burst into tears.  What a sweet moment…


  • I am so thankful for our families who were there. Our families came from Florence, Ala., Searcy, Ark., Dallas, Memphis, and Bentonville, Ark.  One thing I have learned about family:  It means so much to just "show up".  I am very thankful for them.


  • I am so thankful for the special friends who were present.  Our friends were there.   I was so moved by the way our families and friends were with us during one of the most important weekends of our lives.  There is something very special about having this combination of people who are so important to us–all together.  Our friends from Abilene, Alabama, Dallas, and Waco were there.  (Not to mention friends of Christine and Phillip who were there).  I was reminded just how special these friendships are.  Our friends from Alabama worked so hard setting up the tables for the reception (It’s a long story…).  Then, they ran errands picking up flowers, etc.  I received a phone call from a good friend just as the rehearsal was about to begin, just to "check in."  Then another good friend in Waco called as Charlotte and I were on our way to the church Saturday morning.  Just called to say that he was thinking about us.  Those moments of thoughtfulness mean something.


  • I am so thankful for our sweet church. Unbelievable!  We felt so loved as we had people set up our auditorium, set up the reception, and helped to prepare food.  Our wonderful life group cleaned up afterward.  I am amazed by all these people did.  Our church loved all over our daughter, her new husband, and the rest of us–all weekend.


I may post more tomorrow.  Today, I just feel grateful.  I am thankful for the above, and for giving our daughter such a wonderful young man as a husband.

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One thought on “Wedding

  1. Jim and Charlotte, I really enjoyed seeing the wedding pictures. They look so happy. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I remember going to your wedding here in the auditorium. Boy time flies. Both of your girls are so beautiful. Jim, I really enjoy reading your blog. Love to you both, Becky Peck