We Can’t Do This Alone

Last night we went to our "Life Group". A small (actually not so small) group of people of varied ages.  Some with small children.  Others with grown, married children. 


One of our guys led the group last night and did an excellent job.  I watched as the group discussed implications of the sermon message that morning.  There is something about this group that I really appreciate.  We are very committed to one another.   The group feels "safe" (in the best sense of that word).


Maybe the one thing I appreciate most about this group is their seriousness toward following Jesus.  I hear it in the discussion each Sunday evening.  These discussions seem to center around life–real life, as the members of our group are experiencing it.  We admit failure.  We share successes.  Most of all, we encourage. 


Last night, Mark read to us the closing remarks from the sermon that morning (remarks which were on the Life Group discussion notes but which were not actually said yesterday morning).   These thoughts remind me that in Christ, I already have the most valuable treasure I can ever possess.

• Christ in you means that you can rest in his completed work.  It’s not up to you.

• Christ in you means you are wealthy.  Forget the lottery!  Fourteen million in the Lotto Texas jackpot this week?  It doesn’t even begin to compare to what you already have in Christ.

• Christ in you means you can rest in his grace.  You don’t have to worry about what will happen with your future. The pressure is off.

• Christ in you means you no longer have to settle for the leftovers of life.  You can experience God’s best, which is Jesus himself.

• Christ in you means you have access to the very life of God.  No one can take that away from you.

• Christ in you means you can come to the end of this life and live in the presence of God forever.

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