coffee38.jpgVacation!  We’ve done it.

For two weeks, Charlotte and I have been on vacation.  We spent time in Alabama (with her family and some of our very good friends) and then Tennessee (with our daughter and son-in-law).  We always enjoy seeing our family and some of these longtime friends.  Much of the time, these visits help us re-group and re-connect with some of the most important people in our lives.

Following those stops, we spent four restful days in Florida enjoying the thirtieth anniversary of marriage.  Our time away was so good.  Eating fresh fish.  Walking through the beautiful Watercolor, Florida, community.  (No, we didn’t stay there.  We did spend a very enjoyable afternoon there.)  Enjoying the ocean.

For the next two weeks, I will be enjoying my annual study break.  This is a time to think, pray, and reflect on what I will be preaching/teaching at our church over the next twelve months.  In many ways, this preparation started long before now.  For several months, I have been preparing and reading heavily regarding these next twelve months.

There will be some posts on this blog over the next two weeks.  Then, in August, I plan to post with the frequency that you may be used to, if you read this blog regularly.

Thanks so much for continuing to read this blog.  Writing these posts helps me greatly.  Knowing that a number of you read them and even leave comments is encouraging. 

More later.

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