coffee45.jpgOver the next two weeks, I will post an interview with Byron Weathersbee of Legacy Family Ministries about his new book, "Before Forever."  This book is authored by both Byron and Carla Weathersbee and is written especially for seriously dating couples.

I will also post a nice piece by Josh Graves, a minister in Rochester, Minnesota, and also a teacher at Rochester College.  Josh is a good thinker with a heart for God and people.


Just got a Kindle2 (Amazon).  Very nice.  Right now, I am getting acquainted with it but am quite impressed.  I am amazed at how clear the screen is for reading.  More later.


I have been using Twitter for several months now.  I am beginning to see some real value.  You can find me on Twitter if you wish (@JimMartin).


A year or so ago, I heard Tim Keller speak of the value of book reviews for his ministry.  This is especially true as there are an overwhelming number of books being published.  This past week I read a wonderful review of a new biography about Flannery O’Conner entitled Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Conner by Brad Gooch.  The review was in the New York Review of Books

For the last year, I have paid more attention to various book reviews.  Some I pay attention to because of the authors and some because the title or subject is provocative.  Sometimes I read the review and at other times I simply skim through the various titles.  Anyway, I am finding this helpful.


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