Building Important Moments Through Family Vacations

One of my daughters told me the other day that our vacations are some of her happiest memories.smoky-mountains.jpg

Our family vacations are very happy memories for me as well. These were good times that we spent together. These good memories did not happen because we spent a lot of money on our vacations. Nor, did these good memories come about because everything went as planned. Yet, there are some things we did which were very meaningful and helped to build some of these memories.

I recently wrote a short piece entitled, “6 Reflections on Family Vacation” for the Western Hills Church (Temple, Texas) youth website. You can find these reflections here.


Do you have good memories of family vacations? What made these vacations such good memories for you?


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One thought on “Building Important Moments Through Family Vacations

  1. What is that a picture of? Beautiful! :} Love mountains! BTW, great thoughts here brother! Family vacations are great memories for my siblings, parents, and I. Great bonding time! God bless. Grace and Peace.