Tuesdays With Tozer (Guest Writer–Margaret Feinberg)

(A.W. Tozer has written a number of books which I have found helpful, convicting, and inspiring. Another very good writer, Margaret Feinberg, recently posted a series on her blog entitled, “Tuesdays with Tozer.” Each post contained a quote from Tozer and then Feinberg’s reflections on that quote. You can find Margaret Feinberg’s blog here. You might enjoy reading her books such as Sacred Echo and Scouting the Divine. Margaret is a good writer. I have read one of her books and regularly read her blog.)


The following is a post which appeared on her blog earlier in the year:

“The scriptural teaching that the work of God through the church can be accomplished only by the energizing of the Holy Spirit is very hard for humans to accept, for it is a concept that frustrates our own carnal desire for honor and praise, for glory and recognition.”

–A.W. Tozer, Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts

These are the opening words of Tragedy in the Church by A.W. Tozer. Not one to mince words or beat around a metaphorical bush, Tozer cuts to the point and reminds us of our desperate need of the Holy Spirit. Desperate-because our need is greater than we can ever know. Desperate-because God has a way of responding profoundly to those who ache deeply for Him. Desperate-because God rewards those who urgently, actively seek Him.

As Tozer suggests, our dependence on the Holy Spirit humbles us-reminding us of our inadequacies, weaknesses, and inability to do things on our own. Our need for the Holy Spirit is yet another in a laundry list of reminders that we are not God. But oh, how we need Him.

Father, Pour your Holy Spirit afresh on and in me today. Stir up the hunger for your Spirit in my life that you may be the one who is given all honor, praise, glory, and recognition. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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