Tuesday: Places I’ve Been

This morning I was thinking about some of the places I’ve been over the past week:

1.  I read Lynn Anderson’s very fine speech to the Graduate School of Theology at Abilene Christian University.  "Waving a Red Flag" is a good, thought provoking read.  Lynn is a encourager of church leaders across the country.  See Hope Network.

2.  A very interesting piece in Out of Ur (Leadership Journal’s blog).  Report of Andy Stanley and Jim Collins reflecting on leadership.

3.  An interesting piece on the "Loss of Innocence" from Cerulean Sanctum.  A startling reflection on the loss of soul in some kids.

4.  From New Wineskins, read Stephen Meek’s Laughing at God.  A reminder that we serve a God who does the impossible.

5. From Scot McKnight, a look at how the subject of "husbands and wives" has been approach by those reflecting on I Peter.  See:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday: Places I’ve Been

  1. Lynn Anderson has been “filling in” at our church until we hire a new preacher. He has been such a blessing. Very thought provoking.