Truths About Life

Cafe_1In the November 19 (2005) issue of World Magazine, Senior Writer, Andree Seu wrote an article in which he listed a number of truths he has learned about life.  These are great.  A few of these include:


Whole lifetimes are wasted worrying about the opinions of people who aren’t even on the right wavelength.

People laugh at your unwholesome talk at the moment but think less of you afterwards.

Living in regret of the past, or fear of the future are two ways of not living at all.

A phone call to say, "I’m thinking of you," yields benefits all out of proportion to the time investment. 


Be Known as faithful.  If you say, "Let’s do lunch," do lunch.


Break a fear-of-man problem by aggressively loving people. 

Practice one command of God earnestly rather than a hundred sloppily.

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