Traveling Fast or Traveling Deep?

pepperdine.jpgI just got back from the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures.  My younger daughter, Jamie, went with me this year.  It was a wonderful week in beautiful Malibu, California.  This year I did a class on "Learning to Live Before You Die."  Besides teaching my class, I had the opportunity to hear a number great speakers as well as visit with numerous friends and acquaintances.  I also enjoyed several seafood dinners.  (Jamie ate some wonderful shrimp!)  Probably the highlight for me was the opportunity to just be with Jamie for a week in that atmosphere.

It has been a week since I posted.  Since I have been blogging, there are occasionally those times when I am unable to write for a few days.  The other day, I wondered about you and whether or not you are still coming back to this blog.  (Apparently you are!)  Anyway, thank you for your patience.

Travel is a good metaphor in which to reflect upon the week.  It is also a good way to think about this new week.  After all, we are very much on a journey.  As a Christ-follower, I believe that my journey/life has meaning and purpose defined and ruled by God. 

So here is a good Monday question: How is my travel? 

Some of us seem to be traveling at a fast rate of speed.  Our lifestyle is intense and hectic.  Yet, we might do well to ask more questions.

  • Am I moving in the right direction?
  • Am I traveling deep or just fast?

Some years ago I was with my friend, Doug, fishing on the Tennessee River.  We were in his boat.  Doug stopped the boat in a slew where we dropped our lines to fish for bass.  Soon a very large, loud boat came down the river at a high rate of speed.   I knew that Doug had fished in the Tennessee River for years.  So I asked him about this moving along as such speed.  He laughed and said that these people may be moving faster but in the end probably wouldn’t catch many more fish than we would.  

Some of us may be moving fast but are we traveling deep?  I don’t think that life is really about moving along the surface as quickly as you can.  This is not the kind of travel that will sustain us over the long haul.  Life is more like a long sea voyage.  We need to be on a ship, not a swiftly moving bass boat.  Our journey is more like that of a ship that travels deep across the ocean.

So as you think about this new week, perhaps you might want to reflect upon your travel.  Are you more like a bass boat or ocean vessel?  Are you scurrying around, frantically skimming the surface of life?  Or, are you committed to traveling deeply?

Do you relate to this challenge? 

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10 thoughts on “Traveling Fast or Traveling Deep?

  1. I do come back to this site over and over again. I find a lot to chew on through out the day here. Thank you for continuing to write.  The older I get the more I think about moving slower and deeper in my life. It seems to be more important than it did when I was young. My days are becoming more purposeful. I am doing things in a more intentional way than I once did. I am also thinking more deeply about how God would want me to live each day and asking him his opinion more often. It’s become very important to know what He thinks about how I’m living my day.

  2. Great thoughts Jim, I definately feel like Im moving fast but not deep right now, thanks for articulating that, great metaphor. Pushing Deeper. Liam

  3. Dana,Thanks for your encouraging remarks.I resonate with what you said regarding your days becoming more purposeful.