How To Embarrass Yourself Twice in One Week

I did it two times. Two!

It happened last week when I wore a perfectly good pair of pants to work. Comfortable. Casual. Camel color. I had just arrived at my office for the day. I sat down in my chair. I heard a loud tearing sound. I looked down and the outside seam on my right leg had split. The split was about six inches long.

I had no idea what happened. I just knew that I could not wear those pants all day long. I remembered that I had at the cleaners a pair of pants that was supposed to be ready. So I picked up the clean pair pants at the cleaners and changed clothes. I was in good shape. The next day I went to the alterations place and dropped of the ripped pants to be mended. A few days later, I picked them up chalked that one up to a good experience.

On Monday of this week, I wore the pants again. I walked into the office sat down and heard a rip. The top of front pocket on the right side had caught the arm of the chair. The tear was there again. This time it was only about four inches in length. I had worn these pants only a few hours and there was a tear again.

I kept staring at those pants. Unbelievable!

At lunch, I took these pants back to the alterations place. As I explained what happened, they began to laugh and laugh. I handed one person the pants and she immediately began sewing them while she laughed. I asked her how much I owed. She said, “Nothing, this is worth a good laugh.”


Good grief! How embarrassing! I paid them anyway and left.

Now I can laugh at this. But some things, I don’t want to do twice.

1. I don’t want to repeat the same ineffective behaviors (in my relationships) again and again and yet expect different results. Some people continue to practice ineffective behaviors (failing to follow instructions, for example). Then they minimize their behavior and repeat again, thinking that it will turn out better this time.

2. I don’t want to repeat bad habits. It is so easy to carry on a habit from the past that may be ineffective or irritating to others. Perhaps you have the habit of being late or interrupting others.

3. I don’t want to repeat dysfunctional patterns. Some people have developed patterns of behavior that do not serve them or their co-workers. Perhaps you have a pattern of procrastination, putting off what is difficult or challenging. Maybe you have the pattern of behavior related to your work so that when you get very frustrated, you exploded and then apologize only to do the same thing in a few weeks.


What behavior do you sometimes repeat that you would really like to stop?

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3 thoughts on “How To Embarrass Yourself Twice in One Week

  1. The most embarassing thing that ever happened to me was at a college conference where I had to speak in front of a large audience, that united both students and teachers. And as I was going up the stage I caught my dress in something and ripped it, revealing my whole right tigh and butt. Thank God I had it in me to make some joke and continue speaking with my dress shreded like that.

  2. You identified two bad habits I’ve developed – interrupting and being late. I think both show I consider myself more important than others and I’ve really been working to stop these habits