Today is a “Do-Over”


I like mornings.  I especially like mornings where the air is cool and my coffee is still fresh and hot.  I think that a new morning is a sign that God believes in "do-overs."  A chance to close out a previous day and open a brand new day.

When I was in junior high school, I played a lot of golf at Tennison Golf Course in Dallas.  Three of us, myself and two neighbor guys,  would get there as soon as the course opened (about 6:00 AM).  We always rode with Walter, the high school kid on our street who work there as a grounds keeper. 

I can remember standing on a tee box and hiting just an awful shot (the kind of shot which ends in a splash as it hits the creek).  One of the guys said, "Take a mulligan."  I said, "Yeah, I’ll take a mulligan.  Uh-what’s a mulligan?"  My friend said, "A mulligan is a ‘do-over.’  Tee up another ball and hit it again."  Oh yeah–a mulligan.  Maybe this time, my shot will be better.

I have some days when it sems like things just aren’t working.  I get frustrated with this or that person.  I get frustrated when people make a big deal out of something that has the significance of an oatmeal flake.  I get frustrated when technology (like this computer) isn’t working.    Most exasperating of all, I have days when I just seem to do it all wrong.  There are days when I mess up in the way I handle situations with my wife, my children, and other people as well.  There are days when whatever comes out of my mouth is not the right thing or the wisest thing to say.  There are days when I almost seem to be aiming for the potholes.  In a nutshell, there are days when it seems like every shot lands in the creek.

Then the most amazing thing happens!   The next morning, God gives a new day.  He causes the sun to come up again and I get a "do-over."  In fact, we all do.

Maybe today, it would be good not to wallow in yesterday.

Maybe today, it would be good to just thank God for "do-overs."

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