Tip of the Week

Consider making and using a prayer list.

I remember seeing a prayer list years ago.  My friend’s list was on his desk.  It was a simple list, numbered one through ten.  I heard this same friend speak publically in a sermon of the importance of making a list of people to pray for. 

Not long ago, I was visiting with a good friend at lunch.  He has mentioned on several occasions that he prayed for me.  I told him how much I appreciate him, knowing that he prayed for me.  His reply:  "I pray for you every morning."

I usually keep a list of people I pray for in the back of my journal.   The list is not long (I don’t want something that overwhelms me).  On the other hand, the list does include the names of people who are important to me for some reason.  These include family members, long time friends, and others who have asked me to pray for them.  I have been praying for some of these people for many years.   Others are more recent additions.  Some of these people stay on my list indefinitely (my wife, two daughters, and some others) and other people are there for a period of time.

I have found this list to be helpful.  When someone approaches me and asks, "Will you pray for me?"   I might pray with and for them at that moment or at some time in the near future.  However, some people make that request simply asking if I will bring their name before God when I am in prayer.  This list is a helpful reminder to pray for these people.

You might think about making your own list.  It might be helpful.

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