Tip of the Week

Don’t underestimate what might seem small and insignificant.

So much of life is about doing what seems small and insignificant.  Driving.  Talking.  Cooking.  Working.  Dealing with the children.  Walking.  Exercising.  Studying.  etc.   Yet, God notices it all.

Jesus noticed a poor widow (Mark 12:41-44) who gave two copper coins into the temple treasury.  He observed that she gave out of her poverty.  Two copper coins?  You mean to say that our Bible has yielded space to a story of a widow who gave two copper coins?  Yes.  After all, this seemingly insignificant moment reflects a heart that Jesus wanted to display before his closest followers.  In Scripture, he continues to display her heart to all of us.

During a typical week, we may work on tasks that we consider to be very important.  Or, we may find ourselves in conversations which seem to be highly significant.  However, if you are like most of us, much of the week will be be spent doing the "little things."

Could it be that God notices these small and seemingly insignificant moments more than we do?  Could it be that God is paying attention to what we are doing in these everyday moments of life?  I think so.  After all, these moments often reveal our hearts.  They reveal who we really are and what or who we really treasure.

That is no reason to be discouraged.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  How encouraging to know that our everyday, ordinary lives really do matter to God.  How encouraging to know that God is paying attention to us.  How encouraging to know that a "cup of cold water" given in his name really does matter.

Today matters.

It matters because in the ordinary moments of life, God sees our hearts.  He affirms and applauds what might seem insignificant and unimportant to anyone else.  To him, however, these small moments really do count.    

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