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encouragement_wonderful_tn.gifEncouragers know that unforgettable moments often occur in the middle of what might otherwise seem to be an ordinary day.

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, you won’t have to go far.  Just step into someone else’s world for a moment.  In the ordinary moments of life, encouragers will often step in and leave their mark.  Don’t worry about overdoing encouragement.  There is a real shortage of encouragers.  Far too many of us are so preoccupied with our own lives that we really don’t pay attention to other people.  Many people rarely, if ever, hear a word of encouragement.

I am not talking about flattery.  I am not talking about making positive comments that are really not in your heart.

I am talking about genuine encouragement.   Encouragers pay attention to others.  They have an outward focus.  They try to catch others doing something right.  They do not take these moments for granted but look for opportunities to build.

"Wow, you really seem to know your job!"

"This pie is absolutely wonderful!"

"You handle difficult people so well."

"This was a great class today, thanks!"

Too many people focus on the negative.  These people look at someone and ignore what the person is doing well while they make a mental list of what they don’t like.  Some people spend much of their waking hours critiquing everyone around them.  They are constantly sizing up people and evaluating them.  Of course, most people they are evaluating manage to fall short. 

"Hey that was a great restaurant!"  "Yea, but did you see that awful picture on the wall?"

"What a wonderful message!  God really spoke to me this morning."  "Yea, but did you notice his hair?"

"Wasn’t that a great dessert?"  "Well, it ought to be with those prices!" 

"Listen, I really appreciate the great job you did on my car today."  "Why thank him?  It’s his job!" 

Think for a moment about such statements in contrast to what an encourager might say. 

This is very important.  I have been blessed by having a few encouragers in my life at very important moments.  Or maybe, just maybe, those moments became important because of the wonderful encouragement that I received at the time. 

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14 thoughts on “Tip of the Week

  1. Good reminder.  Thanks, Jim.  So often, I think of something encouraging to do – like send a card or make a visit – then let the opportunity pass without doing anything at all.  Your words have encouraged me to stop today and take the time to actually do the things I often only think about.

  2. Jim, you do a great work with this blog.  Let me ENCOURAGE you to keep it up.  On those mornings when your tempted to thing that it doesn’t matter, remember you’ve got lots of readers.  We don’t always leave a comment to encourage you, but we always leave encouraged by your comments.

  3. L.L.,That is a good question.  I think I sometimes sense it when I am on the receiving end.  I recall a time when a guy approached me and smiled and said, "Hello Friend."  He then on to tell me how much "we appreciate you, all the good you do, blah, blah."  I knew the guy and this felt very much like flattery.On the other hand, I have been encouraged on occasion by people who had no idea the impact they were having on me.Good question… 

  4. Brian,I hope that whatever I say or do flows out the grace of God.  It certainly isn’t within me alone to be able to write or do anything worthwhile or lasting. Thanks for asking.  

  5. Connie,I suspect many, many of us relate to what you said.  I certainly do.  So glad you found that encouraging.

  6. Words of encouragement truly do make a difference.  Just try positive encouragement with your children and see what happens compared to negative encouragement.  Also, just a simple hello from someone, anyone, in line at the grocery store, or passing in the hallway, can make all of the difference.  You never know what kind of day that person is having and a kind hello from a friend or a stranger may be just what it takes to make their day just a little better or even bearable.  I know this because I have been that person having a not so good day and then to be on the receiving end of a kind hello that encouraged me and allowed me to be able to make it through the day.  So, please always smile and say hello to someone, I know it will make them feel better and you just might make yourself feel better as well.

  7. Leanne,Very good!  A good reminder of the power of a smile or pleasant word.  God often takes what seems so insignificant to bless and encourage another.  Good reminder.