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Get focused and then be intentional in the way you live.

Now that’s the way they did it the other night at the dodge ball tournament.  Last Saturday afternoon and evening, our church hosted its third annual dodge ball tournament.  It was held in our community center, which has a gym (that also serves as a place for large gatherings, dinners, etc.).  All  of the proceeds ($6,000) went to Mission Waco, a local organization that does an incredible amount of good for the poor in our area.

All afternoon, various teams played.  (Over 50 teams played.  Most of these were students from area  high schools.)  Saturday evening, adult teams played (including student teams from Baylor University and Abilene Christian University).  I watched one team, composed of some of our guys from church, play three different games as they won game after game.  Jason, Lee, Robbie, Rob, David, and James eventually won it all (most of these guys are thirty-year-olds).  They were great!  They were intense and focused.  They paid no attention to the spectators or the noise of the other game going on at the same time.  Several of them would hold a ball in their hands and then approach the middle line, staring at an opposing player like a hunter stalking its prey.

No wonder they won it all!

I thought later about the simplicity of this game.  Hold a ball and try to hit an opponent.  Then try to keep from getting hit.   Now I wish there was a way to simplify our approach to a single day.  Maybe something like this: 

Focus and follow through.  Live with purpose and then follow through with actions and words that are intentional.  There are distractions everywhere, but we have been called to something higher. 

I really like this passage of Scripture:  And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father through him (Colossians 3:17).

Now that is intentional living!  Paul says look at your words and your actions — your "talking" and your "doing."  Know that whatever you do in your daily living needs to be a response to the Lord Jesus.  On the other hand, if I am beginning my week by talking or living in a way that I know in my heart is contrary to Jesus, I really need to think seriously about where my life is going.

(By the way, do you need an on-line "to do" list which will provide reminders?  You might consider "Remember the Milk."  I have just started using it.  I think this may be very useful.)

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3 thoughts on “Tip of the Week

  1. Amen, amen, and amen.  Thank you for the great tip Jim!  BTW, dodgeball tournament for a good cause?! Another great idea! Way cool!  I love dodgeball!  That must have been a fun evening. 

  2. Thanks, Jim.  I’m about to drive to Syracuse for a preachers meeting, which will be the first of several things I’ll be "doing" which will hardly give me an opportunity to catch my breath this week.  Rather than look at the whole week and get frustrated maybe I just need to focus one thing at a time.  I can handle one thing at a time, but too much seems overwhelming.  Catch and throw.  Catch and throw.