Tip of the Week

Make Room For the Unexpected. 

Yesterday after church, we went out to lunch with this wonderful class that we are a part of.  All younger than us, the class members are mostly in their twenties.  Some are married.  Some are single.  We love this class.  

Anyway, yesterday morning one of our class leaders invited everyone to go somewhere for lunch together.  It wasn’t planned.  It wasn’t scheduled.  Rather, it was a spontaneous moment.  Most of the class ate lunch together.  The food was great.   The time together was even better.  

It was a reminder to me of the importance of staying flexible.  Plans are great but I don’t ever want my plan to smother spontaneous moments in life. You never really know what God might do in some of these "random" moments.  

So this week, I will have a plan.  I will begin each day with a schedule, appointments, etc.  Yet, I never want to allow that to completely rule.  Who knows what God might do in some unplanned moment of the day?

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9 thoughts on “Tip of the Week

  1. Who was who said if we want to make God laugh we could tell Him our plans? Glad you had a great time with your class. It’s moments like these that make ministry much more meaningful–for ministers and those we serve in the Lord.
    Have a blessed week, brother!

  2. Zacchaeus: Sorry, Jesus, I’m booked up today. How about next Tuesday?

    The biggest things that God has done in my life have all been “unplanned” (at least by me).

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Grace and peace,

  3. One of my strongest core values… ‘be willing to be interrupted’… I remind myself of it constantly. I would have missed so many amazing opportunities if I had not been willing to be interrupted!

  4. Probably because I’m preparing to teach systematic theology, your post raised a question: Is God spontaneous?  Can he be?   If not, then whatever spontaneity we have cannot be part of the image of God in us.  Did God create us with attributes of which he is not capable? I know this is off-topic and I truly do not expect a response.  But this is who I am: I am not responsible for where your thoughts might take me! 

  5. Dr. Mike,
    I am glad you do not expect a response, because all I can say is WOW! Thanks for giving me a reason to stay awake thinking tonight……..Jim, Thanks for not being a typical, rigid leader. Your church is blessed to have you.

  6. Mike,Good question.  I don’t know.In some ways, I wonder if the question of God’s spontainaity is much like the question of God’s ability to plan—It all seems to be built for a bigger "computer" than what is in the human brain.  It is hard to comprehend.Maybe that is another way of saying, "I don’t know.":)  Thanks