Tip of the Week

Laugh often! 

There is much to be said for laughter.   (You might enjoy this piece I read earlier today.)

You’ve probably been in homes where there was little or no laughter.  There is almost a "heaviness" in the air.  Family members seem to be overly serious.  Grim.  In some homes, the tension is thick and pervasive.  In other homes, there is almost a sadness in the air.  Does this relate at all?

Then there are homes where the atmosphere is totally different.  Children giggle.  Dad laughs at the TV commercial.  Mom is on the telephone laughing.  Perhaps they have a meal together and end up laughing.  Maybe someone is telling a story that elicits laughter.

Don’t underestimate laughter.  Laughter is a gift of God.  Does it ever bless a human being!  It is especially important, however, to families.  Laughter can have a powerful impact on the atmosphere of a home.   

You might consider your own home.  Is laughter an important aspect of your home?  Does laughter happen on a regular basis?  Why or why not?  Could it be that you are missing something very rich?

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15 thoughts on “Tip of the Week

  1. You can tell the people who laugh alot.  They are ones who can handle stress better. 
    Our home is usually filled with laugher.  John and I have learned that with five children (including three teens) we need to be laughing or else we’ll be crying! 🙂
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Aren’t some of our best memories about the times when we really laughed hard?  I like to think that the release of heaven will be more than just "no tears."  It’ll also be "lots of laughing."

  3. Having little boys, I laugh at things that I never thought were funny growing up in a household of girls. We laugh at tooting, burping, and other bodily functions that our boys seem to have more than their fair share of. I love the sound of my children laughing- and when we laugh with eachother…..there’s nothing better. I hope we never take eachother too seriously and will always find things to laugh about……even if it is as dumb as someone "letting one go."

  4. Years ago, when the children were much younger, I struggled with my temper and did not want that to be the memory they had of their dad. So I gave them permission to laugh at me when I lost my temper. Talk about something that will diffuse a temper in a heartbeat! It was the best thing I ever did. Throughout my 32 years of married life, we’ve had daily laughter in our home. Another excellent reminder, Jim.

  5. i make sure that our kids laugh heartily at least once every day – my son is more of a smiler than a laugher (just his temperment) which is good. even if it means mummy has to do something totally nuts – talk about “getting out of the comfort zone” sometimes, in the nicest way. glad flies on the wall cant talk :o)

  6. Claire,What a mom!  Doing something each day so that your children will laugh.  Very good.  I’ve not thought of being that intentional about this.Thanks for your comment. 

  7. Greg,That’s a first!  I’ve never heard of a parent doing that with their children.  How interesting!  Seeing them laugh had to diffuse much of the anger/temper.  Thanks so much. 

  8. My daughter, Tori, is the laugh monster in our family. There is nothing better than to watch my son burst into a gut-busting belly-laugh in response to something funny she’s done or said. That is one of the places in my life where I believe I most truly see God.