This Morning Could Be Different for You

Every morning is new.morning.jpg

22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
   for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
   great is your faithfulness.
24 I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion;
   therefore I will wait for him.”

(Lamentations 3:22-24)

This morning many of us will begin a new work week. Consider how you might be more intentional about your week:

1. Choose to begin the new week by praying about what God might do in your life this week.

Pray for each person who you will be dealing with this week. Pray for your meetings. Pray for your conversations. Most of all, pray that you will be the husband, wife, father, mother who God has called you to be.

2. Choose to begin the new week by intending to bless those with whom you interact.

Some people do not bless but have a way of making regular withdrawals with people. They say something rude, self-centered, or obnoxious. Other people don’t make withdrawals but they don’t add anything of value to the conversation either. These people are so focused on themselves, they think a conversation is all about themselves. They are totally focused on what they want to say. Other people bless conversations. They encourage, build up, and bring out the best in people.

3. Choose to begin the new week by adding margin to your day.

Are you generally late? Do you pack your schedule too tightly? Do you find yourself leaving your house at the last minute only to discover that you are out of gas and your cell phone is about to die? Does this kind of thing happen again and again? This week choose to add margin. Choose to leave early instead of the last minute. Choose to think ahead and prepare. Taking care of the “little” things, like getting gas for the car, charging the cell phone, and leaving early instead of late can help you feel calmer about the day. You will be fresher and more fully present.

4. Choose to begin the new week by looking at your calendar for the week.

Look at the commitments and activities you have scheduled for each day. What projects are you working on this week? What errands do you need to run this week? What calls do you need to make? Who do you need to contact? Think about these before the week begins.


What habit or practice is particularly helpful to you as you begin a new week?

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4 thoughts on “This Morning Could Be Different for You

  1. Hey Jim,

    I like your way of making us think about this well-known scripture a bit differently: “this morning could be different for you”.

    I’ll take the opportunity to say thanks for all you share on here, your gentle and humble spirit and your wisdom and generosity of heart. I may not often comment but I regularly read and am often blessed by what you have to say.

    Peace to you,


  2. Great advice! #3 and 4 I have down pat as it comes naturally to me. #1 and 2 are still a work in progress and I need to be more specific rather than general in my prayers. Thanks for the encouragement to do that!